It’s okay if black widow wife sex stories turn you on. They turn me on, too.

Nothing gets my sadistic pussy wet like watching true crime shows featuring murderous wife sex stories. I know you fantasize about a beautiful woman like me taking advantage of you (and your money) when you’re coked up out of your mind. But I wonder, though: do you secretly wish for me to plunge a knife right through your heart when you’re stone-cold sober too?

I want to make your femdom snuff fantasy cum true. Let’s talk about how our wild, whirlwind romance sweeps you off your (naive, oblivious) feet. Admit it, you were beyond flattered a stunning, gorgeous woman like me even gave you the time of day.

You didn’t see through me the way I saw through you. I picked you for a special reason, of course. Beneath your successful lawyer/businessman/etc exterior, I saw a man desperate for a way out. From the first moment I looked into your eyes, I suspected your secret black widow death wish. Remember the first time I took your stocking fetish a kinky step further, pretending to choke you with my pantyhose? You got so excited. That’s when I knew for sure.

It makes your masochistic dick throb to think of me inheriting all your assets, your entire estate after I’ve murdered you. The thought of me getting away with it arouses you most of all, though. And I will get away with it. No one would suspect a seemingly devoted, faithful arm candy trophy wife like me.

I’ll have you cremated and buried, naturally. And then I’ll be on my (oh-so liberated) way out of the country. I’m so glad you bought that vacation home in Bermuda for us, honey! I’ll be taking my new boy toy there. You know, the one closest to my age. The one I smugly conned you into hiring as our gardener and pool boy. Remember, dear??

Don’t worry, none of your taboo phone sex desires will phase me. I’m the depraved slut you’ve been dreaming of. What are you waiting for? I’m right here, waiting for your call.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke