Wife Sex Stories about coaching a wife to give her husband his first prostate massage.
I enjoy encouraging couples to push their limits in the bedroom. There’s nothing I won’t do to make a wife drive her husband crazy. (Wicked LiL Laugh) One of the wife sex stories I’d like to share with you is about pushing a man to the edge by touching and massaging his prostate.

Becky already enjoyed the sounds of pleasure Scott would make when she would give him a blow job. Just imagined what happened once she started massaging his prostate. Once I encouraged her to start massaging his prostate area he lost his mind.

One night while Becky was in the middle of giving her husband a blowjob I encouraged her to slip a finger into his ass.

“While you are sucking Scott’s cock, slowly slip inside,” I whispered in her ear.

He released a moan of pleasure, as her finger began pushing into his tight little hole. At first, like most men, he jumped and moved away from his wife. His moan indicated to Becky, he was still an anal virgin. I wanted Becky to show him the pleasures of working a prostate.

“Relax Scott,” I whispered in his ear.

Becky made her husband get on his knees and spread his ass. This gave her full access to his hole. Giving him a prostate massage was just the beginning. His dick was throbbing with excitement, as Becky massaged her finger into his virgin hole.

“Take your time,” I repeated to Becky, as she massaged his prostate.

Each time, his ass tightened around her finger. With each movement in and out movement, it helped loosen his hole. Scott enjoyed the pressure, as she slowly moved her finger until she found the smooth bump of his prostate. He gasped, as she touched him in an uncharted area. She slid her finger over it, going from soft to firm. He started to moan louder and his breathing grew harder. Without hesitation, she slid another finger into his hole and massaged him to even greater pleasure. His eyes grew wider, as she stretched his hole and probed him deeper. Her fingers gently glided over his sensitive prostate massage til he couldn’t take anymore.

He groaned and rocked his ass back and forth fucking himself on her fingers. Becky rubbed Scott’s prostate hard and faster, as pre-cum leaked out of his cock. His body tightened up, as his balls inched up and he began shooting loads and loads of cum. He kept coming, as Becky pressed his prostate and milked all the cum of him.

This is one Wife Sex Stories about exploring a Prostate massage with her husband you will never forget.

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