Wife Dominates Husband: Nasty Wife’s Saturday Night Delight

A wife dominates husband by cracking her whip in the air, Kalene shouted, “look at you, crying like the little bitch you are. Shut the fuck up before I stuff these panties down your throat! You know damn well you deserve this punishment for being a disobedient shit stain today! It’s Saturday Jett, why on earth were you playing with MY cock, without asking permission first?” Oh hell, because she was working I assumed we wouldn’t be playing. “I’m extremely disappointed you forgot” my dominating big tit wife reminds me in a deep, stern voice. She pushes me to the wall, “spread those legs wide and prop your tight ass up in the air”.

She lifts up my dress, as I feel leather straps slapping down on my pantie covered ass.

Kalene whips my ass over and over again, my swollen butt cheeks feel like they’re on fire. I’m trying not to make a sound when Kalene grabs me by the back of the head, shoving me to the floor. She screams at me, “get on your knees boy, head down like the pathetic mutt you are!” Doing exactly what I’m told, I hear the zipper on her pants pull down, exposing the big thick dick between her legs.

My gorgeous wife stood in front of me, explaining again what a disobedient pervert I am. Standing before my lady’s dildo cock whips my face at least 10 times. Waking me the fuck up, I yelled at her, “fuck, that hurts baby!” I hear Kalene grumble, “my horny little maggot will follow the rules from now on, won’t you?” Yes, Mistress, I muttered, pissed off. Watching as she brings the tip of her dick to my lips, rolling the head from top to bottom, I hear her whisper, “suck my dick, you cock sucking whore”. Our eyes lock as she starts forcing her hard cock into my mouth, fucking my face. Dammit, she’s not giving me any fucking mercy.

Wife dominates husband continues…

The tip of that 8″ dildo slams in the back of my throat, gagging me. I’m drooling all over her cock, gasping for air. She pushes my head to the floor, pulls my thongs to the side, and teases. “You know the fucking rules, Jett!” she hollers, slapping me across the ass a few times with her cock. The head of what feels like a monstrous cock presses into my fuckhole, I plead with her, please baby, I’m sorry!!!!

She grabs a hold of my hair, pulling me toward her body with some strength. Feeling her dick stretching my ass open, ramming it harder and deeper, I moan loudly. “Why are you being such a little sissy cunt Jett? You know better, NOW BEG FOR MY DICK YOU SLUTTY FUCKING BITCH!” I beg Kalene to fuck me harder as disobedient pervert husbands deserve. She presses her big juicy tits into my back, bringing her soft hand to my hard cock, stroking me. She moans in my ear, “you’re not allowed to cum until I give you permission”.

I’m so fucking turned on, feeling like I’m going to burst. Yet, having to hold back.

My vulgar wife pulls the dick off of her strap on. Sliding a suction cup to the base as she proceeds to stick me to the wall by her dildo. Pushing my panties over, Kalene orders I continue fucking her hard cock. Eyes focused on her gorgeous naked body bending over in front of me. Exposing her pretty glistening cunt and ass…my dick starts to throb. Watching her aggressively slam her juicy cunt down onto my cock, using it for exactly what it’s made for. Ramming me back and forth, leaving my hard rod smothered in her sweet pussy juices.

My ass in a world of fucking hurt right now, but damn this crazy bitch has me hooked.

Kalene screams, “I’m going to cum you sneaky little bastard, cum with me Jett”! Ahhh yes baby, fill me full of your cock cream!” My heads swelling, while throbbing inside her, uh, the pressure, I’m going to blow! That warm, cum soaked fuck hole smothers my cock…contracting so tight, ah, fuck I’m cumming!!! Gasping for air, her body quivers into mine, while my sperm swims deep inside her sweet pussy. Getting off with my sexy wife, fuck, there’s nothing better! Bringing my lips to hers I’m pushed away, and told, “Your punishment is not over for you darling, lay on your back and remember to share.” I slide in deep, pulling out every drop of us…fuck we taste amazing together.

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