A wife cuckold is something to behold, indeed.  It takes cultivation, a certain amount of misery…and revenge by the heap!  I never knew how much he loved and yet HATED ME.  Until the night everything changed.  I came home to find our roomie. Lizzie sitting naked on our bed!  Furthermore, her fat-ass was parted against my Egyptian cotton sheets and I was instantly livid!

But, before I could chastise her, I heard a familiar voice from behind the door.  “Silence, My Sweet.  She does my bidding and now, you will too!”

Kenny made no move, but I was certain it was he and smiled a wry grin.  ‘Oooooooh, what does my honey have planned for us tonight?’, I thought, as I moved into the shadows from which his voice rang out.  “Stop!”, he bellowed, more forcefully this time.  And I froze mid-step.  I knew it was the beginning of another embarrassing sex story and my pussy moistened.

And, since there were three of us in attendance, I figured it would be a tale of group sex; but, I had no real idea.  However, there was another time the 3 of us were together when Lizzie was a BBW CUCKOLD for us; so, I thought maybe this was a continuation of that.

Lizzie grabbed me by the hair on my head and pushed me to the floor.  I slapped her face and heard Kenny say, “There’s a penalty for defiance, love!” Then, Lizzie smiled down at me.  “To your feet, WHORE!”  In the first place, those are words NEVER spoken to me, and with such venom!  She opened a drawer and removed the biggest, blackest strap-on I’ve ever seen.  Not to mention her obvious intent for me!

I was to becum a Wife Cuckold!

Not to mention Kenny’s desire for forced anal sex.  After all, we met through Taboo Phonesex and he’s only gotten more lascivious since those days.  I knew far better than to say a word; hoping instead that he’d get it over with quickly.  Since she was the one with the strappy, I had little doubt as to whom the cuck was to be this time!  My ass muscles clenched automatically.

Now, I can’t say there wasn’t the auto-clench of my anal muscles.  It happens to me every time anal is imminent.  There’s something about the anticipation of the pleasure/pain to cum.  But, mixed with confusion over Lizzie wearing the strap-on and something in Kenny’s voice that created a lot of fear too.

Moreover, Kenny’s laugh at the end of everything he said made me gesticulate so much I nearly came just waiting for the torture to begin!  There was something exciting in the offing.  Let’s get to partying.  I stupidly ASSumed that at some point we’d change places and I’d get to do what I do so well…DOMINATE.  However, that wasn’t to be the case this time… I had beCUM, hers to command.

Kenny is a very dominant man, but, this time he took a backseat to what the fat-chick wanted.  Hmmmm. Couldn’t remember if it was her birthday.  Her needs have NEVER been on my radar. LOL.  She wielded that strap-dick like she was BORN with it.  I sure hoped she’d use it with such intensity!

Bending me at my waist and reaching down my back left her dick right in front of my face; so, I did what I do WELL; I sucked it!  She couldn’t have enjoyed it MORE if she HAD a real one!  As a matter of fact, she put her back into pounding my ass!

She made it clear that was a cuckold wife now!

Together with the fact that for ONCE I got to give up my power to another, the look on Kenny’s face just watching me follow his and her orders made my pussy slicker than a downhill luge!  Not to mention their combined skill at plunging my cunt and ass simultaneously, I nearly lost my mind to the pleasure of it all.  It went so far that I squirt all over both of them.  I was humiliated, but not enough to stop.

We fucked and sucked (mostly ME) and squirt all over the room, but through it all I felt the sting of humiliation that MY MAN had teamed with a roommate (not such a close friend).  She was his point-person and took almost as great pleasure out of calling me “whore, slave, BITCH” as I did all those years ago when I made her my cuckquean at a frat party in college!  Damn! That was a fun night…and certainly, worthy of the punishment I was now getting.

Furthermore, I did all the expected moaning, begging and pleading to make the party more fulfilling. But, nothing seemed to get his dick harder than it’s ever been more than when I cried out in pain, followed by delicious screams of delight.  And everything I did to try to gain some CUNTrol went CUMpletely unnoticed by this dynamic duo of lust!

If Lizzie worked this kind of energetic magic EVERY DAY, she’d have to stop being called a BBW.  She’d look like a super-model; but, I know she couldn’t keep this up for much longer.  Then, I’d get my man back and he’d forget all about her.  Right? Not so much.  He had all of my girls lined up in another room to take over when the last dropped by the wayside.

A wife cuckold like me is like a volcano ready to erupt!

Cum on, none of the women I know can keep up with me for long; let alone BEST me in sex.  I hope Kenny enjoys the lengths I go to to KEEP him happy!  Cuz, there’s NOTHING his little Joey won’t do as his wife cuckold!