When Your Wife is Away Its Our Turn to Play! Affairs are the Best!

Its that time of year again.  The kids have to be carted off from practice, to games, to whatever other activities they have to do and your wife is gone all weekend long.  What is a big daddy to do???  I know you are left with so much alone time on your hands and I want to help you out with that.  Porn gets old and boring, but a call with one of our Phone Sex Girls gets your cock hard and blood pumping every time.  Living out your naughtiest, kinkiest, most taboo fantasies is what we are going to do!

You work so hard all week.  You make sure everyone in the household gets their needs met, but what about you?  I hear guys tell me all the time how sex is the last thing on their wives priority list and that is just so unfair.  I think you,  out of everyone, deserves some alone time.  You deserve to have a toe curling, mind blowing orgasm as much as the next guy.  Besides, phone sex isn’t cheating… or is it.

Do you have a teen step daughter that is always walking around in her underwear and it gets you hard? Call us and we can help you channel the feelings of your step daughter the right way. We’d love to be your slutty step daughter Daddy.

Married men are my absolute favorites.  I love sneaking around and getting nasty with you.  Doing things with you that your wife would NEVER do!  Those things that even in your fantasies make your cheeks turn red.  Consider me your safety zone.  Your judgment free playground for all things sex! What are you waiting for?  Its your turn for fun!  Cum enjoy the safest affair you can buy!