I Would Give Him Some Wicked Teen Joi Fun


Tonight was not a normal night. I was talking and playing with some guys online. I loved being so dirty in front of some guys, I knew. We always talked and did such naughty things online. Tonight one of my guy friends Travis needed some love and affection from his favorite teen slut. I was already wanting to do something fun. Why not have some fun with my dirty friend? I would give him some wicked teen joi fun.

He started off messaging me on Twitter to find out if I was online. I then messaged him of course I so am. After that, I then sent him a naughty picture of myself. I knew that always made him want me more. Since we were all snowed in and this was my birthday month might as well please this cock online. This dirty wicked teen joi would make him feel so good.

He then called me so I could see him. This stud had already gotten naked for me and was in front of my camera. He was sitting in his computer gaming chair and was completely naked for me. It was like he was already ready to get nasty and wicked with me. I then told him yummy you’re already naked for me. He then told me he loved playing with me and there was nothing to do he was bored as hell. Quickly, I told him I had something naughty to get your mind off being bored.

I Just Loved Guys Stroking Their Cocks In Front Of Me


I told him, I wanted him to stroke his cock for me. Quietly, I told him I wanted to take control of him and his cock. He agreed with me and then told me he was ready for me to take control of his cock. This teen loved teasing and edging cocks even when I didn’t get to touch them. I just loved guys stroking their cocks in front of me. He would get some epic wicked teen joi fun.

Next, I told him to start with his balls first. I told him to stand up and then show me those big balls that needed to be unfilled. This stud then stood up and shook his balls and cock for me. Without hesitation, he then grabbed ahold of just his balls and pushed them against the screen of his phone. I loved big swollen balls it made me want to give them wicked teen joi fun.

Have you ever heard of ball jerking? It’s a wicked teen joi edging. Gently, I then told him to start stroking and jerking his balls for me. That’s when he let out a bit of a moan. This stud was turning into my goon now! I loved it when guys like him became a goon for me. I loved there ugly faces they made when jerking their cocks. This wicked teen joi was heating up now. He was now gooning on me. I loved making him feel this good and teasing this much. I was such a cum addicted slut.

This Wicked Teen Joi Was Going To Make Him Explode Quickly


This wicked teen joi wasn’t done yet! Honestly,  I wanted him to just edge his cock now for me. Next,  I then told him to slap his balls for me and then move to his cock. Loudly, I then told him to slap that cock 3 times for me. He let out huge moans as he slapped his cock repeatedly for me. I was in control of this goon and he knew it now. After that,  I then told him to make a circle with his fingers. He then showed me the circle he made with his thumb and index finger. Quickly, I then told him to spit on that circle.

Blurting out, I then told him to push that circle around his mushroom head. I was going to tease that cock head. He loved how naughty we were getting it was making his cock throb for me. This wicked teen joi was about to get more intense! As he slowly pushed that circle around his cock he was making his cock head flare. This goon was feeling so good. I told him I owned you now fuck toy! Just stuck my claws into him and made him only play with me.

As he pumped into that circle I thought it was time to make this wicked teen joi more twisted! I then told him to take his other hand and start fingering his hole. He looked surprised that I would say that! After that,  I then told him it would make that cum explode goon! He then spit on his finger and began to tease his hole for me. I was in complete control of this goon. The only thing I wanted now was that explosive cum!

This Wicked Teen Joi Was Going To Make Him Explode Quickly


He was being so naughty fingering his hole and stroking his cock for me. This wicked teen joi was going to make him explode quickly.

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