Only Whores fuck on the 1st date

Call me cheap, a whore, a trick, a SLUT ( that’s my favorite!) whatever! But There is just something so sexy about getting a hot fuck on the 1st date. In fact, when I set up a date with a guy, I’m pretty much banking on sealing the deal with him. I love the fact that he is wondering if he should kiss me at the end of the night ~ when all I’m thinking about is wrapping my satin lips around his large stiff member.

Some guys expect it, and although I have traveled those waters, I have found that those fucks believe it’s owed to them. Fuck That!

I much more prefer the quiet guy, The vanilla virgin,  the shy guy, the one that’s nervous talking to beautiful women like myself.

Because I am determined to bring him from his depraved sexual shell and I aim to turn him into a fucking machine, with a little added sadomasochistic tendency of course.

I enjoy being a whore, a trick and a slut. I don’t deny that at all. I actually live to be called those names.

I’m not snobby, or uptight, and don’t pretend to be so. ( unless your into that *wink*)

I’m the type of girl that wants to go to dinner and then be bounced off of your cock for hours and hours, HARD. The type of girl, that can give you a mind altering blowjob and also wants to guzzle your cum. *wicked grin* and yes yes yes… I always wanna fuck on the 1st date, and sometimes even DURING.

The question IS

Do You wanna Fuck on the 1st date? or did you have something dirtier in mind?

Maybe some AgePlay Phone Sex or any Fetish Phone Sex your heart or cock desires!