It was a race to who could cum first! My best friend and I in high school often hung out with my much older boyfriend and her guy. We would go out for pizza and just hang out…until we got bored one night and got on the topic of who could cum first from their guy eating them out.

This is a very true story! My boyfriend Eric snuck us all into his office, which was a machine shop. We often went to the upstairs storage room that had sofas and chairs and equipment. This was the first time we ever brought anyone back with us.

My girlfriend and I took a seat on the large 3 seater sofa and relaxed. Her boyfriend Mike didn’t wanna miss out on this chance to one up my boyfriend. Eric was 27 and pretty damn handsome…Mike wasn’t bad looking but he was an average 18 year old guy. He wanted to perform better.

As sexy as Eric was, I was the second girl he had ever been with. He was good but not up to par. Unlike Eric, Mike was already on his knee’s peeling back my friends already wet panties. He started working my friend Megan’s legs around his shoulders, then dived right in. She arched her back and pushed her pussy further into his face.

While I was watching, Eric pulled my panties to the side and nosed my wet cunt. He was good at working me up, the tip on his tongue swirled around and darted straight for my nub. For some reason he was bringing his A game. I clenched my thighs on his face and pulled his head down hard. My fingers were tangled in his hair. I moved his head to the point of my need.

Honestly looking back, had to be the best time a man has ever licked my twat. Trying to finish before Megan was not even on my mind. I wanted Eric to just keep assaulting my pussy like this all night. Megan had cum fairly fast and her and Mike moved on to just watching us. Megan was so into watching me, she bent down and kissed me. I felt her body moving back and forth into mine, when I looked up, I could see Mike was fucking her from behind…

This night got extremely kinky from that point out. Eric did let me cum, but not before he spent an entire hour of bringing me close to blowing several times….

I wish I could go back to that very night and relive it over and over again. Would love someone to play that out again! Call me and lets take over the night and replace Eric with you!!!



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