Do You Want A Pair Of My White Cotton Panties?

White cotton panties, that was Daddy’s fetish. He loved sniffing a pair of freshly worn ones. I always encourage it, of course. A few weeks ago though he punished me for having a boyfriend. I wasn’t about to let that slide, of course not. I got my sweet revenge when I gifted him the pair of white cotton panties he deserved.

I was at my boyfriend’s place when I called Daddy and told him I would be at his in a few hours. I felt my boyfriend come from behind and put his hand in my panties. He played with my tight little pussy till I was nice and creamy. He fucked me so good! At the end, I even let him give me a big warm cream pie. I put on the same pair of panties and headed to Daddy’s place.

While I was driving to Daddy’s place I felt my pussy dripping every last drop of my boyfriend’s cum. It felt so good feeling his cum inside me. When I arrived to Daddy’s place I told him how wet I was. I told him that on my way here I had been playing with my tight cunt. I told him that just after I parked I came in my panties. My white cotton panties were soaked with my boyfriends cum and I gave them to Daddy.

While I was stroking his cock I placed the cum soaked panties on his face. He sniffed them. He licked them. He wrapped them around his cock and jerked off in them while I watched him. All without him knowing that it wasn’t my juices he was smelling. They were the end result of my boyfriend’s cream pie.

What Daddy doesn’t know, won’t hurt him.


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