Your whining just makes me want to crush your balls.

You can beg and plead, it won’t make me decide not to crush your balls, cupcake. I love inflicting pain on you. I can’t explain the high I get from your squeak when I apply that first bit of pressure, feeling the firmness of your nuts and then feeling them give way just a little bit as I push harder. Watching the your eyes start to water like a kid seeing old yeller for the first time makes me want to do two things; laugh uncontrollably and keep pushing toward your threshold of pain.

You say you like cbt, but I wonder if that’s really the case. You start to sweat when you see the sole of my high heel shoe descend toward your precious family jewels. Even just the feeling of me resting my foot lightly on your crotch makes you whimper. Do you know how pathetic that is? To have you whining at me over something you profess to like makes me think you are a weak minded little shit, which means you should be fairly easy to break. I think the breaking point may just be when I draw my foot up preparing to stomp. Did you actually feel me crush your balls or did you just pass out in anticipation? Did you see that red flash of pain before your world went totally black? I can’t help but wonder what your last thought before oblivion was.

There is little I love more than torturing your balls. And its not all crushing, we can spank and pinch and pull and cut and tie. And we don’t even need anything special to play, just some household items, your phone and one of our Hot Phone Sex Girls number is all you need.