I was reading an article called “Where’s my orgasm?” never thinking that I’d base a blog post on it.

There I was, thinking it would discuss things like where the g-spot really is (ask me, I know!) for women or what the “consequences” are when you stimulate the male g-spot (outrageous orgasm and extra clean up).

Oh boy, was I ever wrong (and disappointed)!

The article discussed different disorders that keep a person from having an orgasm.  Well, shit. That’s no fun. Too informative!

So let me say this:  People, you are responsible for your own orgasms.

If you aren’t having them when you are with your partner, communicate that. Maybe it is as simple as changing up the positions you’re using or trying something new.

If you aren’t having orgasms when you are masturbating, maybe it is time for a new toy (that hits a new spot), different lube or change up your porn rotation. 😉

Here are some orgasm-inducing tips from “credible sources” around the web:

Men’s Health suggests what they call the “Up Shift” – When in the missionary position, lean forward so that you’re rubbing against her clit with every stroke.

NetDoctor gives a list of positions that “enhance your chance” for orgasm – I think that the most interesting is what they call the “Pinner Position”.  Think doggy style, but flat.  She’s flat on her stomach and you are flat on her back.  If she raises her ass a bit, entry is easier and she can get to her clit if she wants to.

Women’s Health says that glass toys can provide stronger orgasms when masturbating (or playing with your partner).  They can be made warm or cool to add further intensity and the hardness of the glass is a nice bonus when working those sensitive spots 😉

And, if all else “fails”, check out the Hitachi Magic Wand.  I have heard from multiple sources (friends and on the web) that this is a foolproof orgasm inducer. 😉

Remember:  Only you know how to keep your happy place happy! 🙂