I used to be a good little girl..

..that is, until one of the school bad boys swept in to steal my heart. I’d always been good (with a little edge of course.. I still had my claws!). Decent grades..listened to teachers..never talked back, never talked dirty. I was still an uncorrupted 13 year old. That is..until I caught a crush on the bad boy next door. He was a few years older than me, about to go into high school. And god, he drove me crazy. But I’d never expected him to be the one to make me a bad girl.He was the boy to teach me how to shoot rubber bands at people in middle school, how to do all kinds of silly childlike things.. so it was only fitting that he ended up being the one to show me how good it was to drop the innocent act, and be bad.
I’ve never been the same since. It was one day afterschool, I went straight to his house because no one was home at mine. And apparently, no one was home for him either. We spent an hour or so just laying around, talking, and half-ass playing some video game.. but then he started bringing up certain things that I’d heard the other girls in school talking about. Girlfriends, boyfriends, making out, and all the tips and tricks on how to be a “great kisser”. And then, he kind of leaned in.. and since I didn’t tell him to stop, it got a little more naughty. I started kissing him back..and without knowing what I was doing, my hands started wandering down to his pants. I guess I’d seen too many movies I wasn’t supposed to see? Or maybe he got the idea in my head at one point.. Either way.. I was just 13, letting my hands go where they shouldn’t. And he didn’t stop me.. He guided me, letting me figure it out for myself, and sometimes whispering some naughty suggestions..and I went for it. Sometimes I whispered something back.. telling him where to put his hands, where to kiss me.. And it turns out, I was a natural.
His pants were poking up a little just a few minutes in, and I had no idea what I was getting into. I didn’t want to have sex yet..I knew what that was. and doing it at 13, in his house afterschool? Maybe I’d wait for something more fun, more exciting. Either way..that wasn’t going to stop me. 😉 I dropped the innocent act the second I started kissing down his chest.. Maybe I was young, maybe I shouldn’t have known what I was doing, but he guided me,  whispering and teaching me exactly what felt good.. and I took to it like a natural. He took this innocent little girl and cracked the shell.. and let out something that would come back to bite him later.

I dare you.. come play with a natural tease 😉

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