I have always been curious about urine, golden showers, water play… or more commonly used; piss. I mean whats so taboo about piss? Or the act of pissing on someone? It’s in my mind nothing to fuzz your feathers over. You can have allot of fun with water sports when you have a fair connection together with this fetish. Anywhere from watching someone using the ladies room to seeing them wet their pants, or even more dark…being that persons personal urinal.

I have this one recurring thought when I talk to anyone into piss. Now this is nothing I have even done, but I would love to try on someone. I know men have a very hard time peeing while erect. I get that so I figured out a way to still enjoy his hard cock and piss at the very same time. What if…he pissed inside of me AFTER he came? I have zero clue why that thought turns me on.

My second thought is to this one cat I talk to. Amazing guy and would totally splash around in a golden pond any day of the week with him. I love to be extra dirty with him. Make him jack off while filling his ass with lots of tasty things. Only if I were the lucky girl that had him…things would be a whole lot different. Not getting too graphic but, I imagine throwing his legs over his head and pissing in his ass.

I know its a bit dirty, a little intense for you to read but, nothing claims dominance like marking someone the way an animal would. Not just spraying their entire body, but filling them with it! I feel it pertinent to mention I am a switch. I don’t lean one way more to the other side of BDSM then the other. I like it all. So for a male to do it to me and I to him would assert “owning” one another. While you may not agree with me, I find that notion incredibly erotic. If you find golden showers a turn on, why not give me a call and let us role play our fantasies out together!


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