I guess you could say I have always had a way of manipulating men and getting what I want.  My tits started sprouting and hips started forming at a pretty young age in school.  I couldn’t help but notice all the attention my grow up body gave me and men couldn’t help but do what I said.

The first time I noticed the power of my tight, young body was in middle school.  I was going through a boy crazy stage and started to fall behind in my classes.  I knew my parents would kill me if I brought home another bad grade so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

My teacher was fairly young, at least compared to the others.  He was in his mid thirties and gave off a total creeper vibe.  All the girls would catch him trying to look under our skirts from his desk and his face would flush red if we bent over his desk.  I knew he would be my best bet for bringing home that A.

I fumbled around in my bag and waited for the class to empty out.  I looked up from my desk and saw him starring right at me as we sat together in that empty classroom.  I got up and confidently made my way to his desk.  I bent down, pushing my perky tits together, and explained how desperate I was to bring up my grades.  I wasn’t surprised when he grabbed a stack of papers from his desk to cover his lap but he just couldn’t get his eyes off my tits.  I reached down, removing the papers, only to reveal a very impressive hard on.  Biting my lip in that “fuck me now” way, I got down on my knees and pulled out his cock.

He didn’t even try and stop me.  I was almost taken back by his eagerness to fuck such a young underage girl.  I told him to close his eyes and get ready for his dreams to come true.  I pulled my phone out of my bra and snapped a pic of his huge erect cock in my hand. Once I had what I needed I got up on my feet and began to giggle.  He opened his eyes and asked me what was wrong.  I turned my phone, flashing him my leverage.  I could see his whole little world crumble and my heart raced with power.

Not only did I finish out that year with the A my parents were waiting for, but I also had all the spending money and gifts a girl could ask for.  He was like putty in my hands.  He did everything I said.  Being a bratty bitch is so much easier when you are also fucking hot.  I think towards the end of our, I guess you could say relationship, he enjoyed spoiling me.  I know I enjoyed it!



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