If Daddy only knew what I was up to when he would take those super long vacations out of town! I just love knowing that I’m going to have the house to myself!! If you only knew all of the super-duper naughty stuff I love to get into while he’s away! It’s amazing to sit on the couch with Daddy knowing just hours before I had sex with his Best Friend in the WHOLE wide world, right where he sits!!

It’s so much fun doing super-naughty things right under Daddy’s nose! Last night while Daddy was on a business trip in New York City, I invited his friend over to play with me! Before I knew it I was bent over the couch with his shaft buried deep inside of me! That’s totally not even the best part!!!

Can you guess what happened???

No, Yes? Well, I will totally just tell you! So we were having sex like we normally do when all a sudden I feel him pressing against that slutty little ass of mine! I loved it so much and craved him SO super badly! I just wanted him deep inside of me! So, I slowly pushed back against him!!


I never knew anal could be so freaking amazing!!! I can’t wait to do it again! To feel him pushing me down into the couch his shaft throbbing against my sweet tight little hole. The sudden gasp of air I take as he ruthlessly pushes himself deep inside of me! I LOVE it all!

Would you like to come over the next time Daddy’s away? Maybe we can get even naughtier together! There are so many things I haven’t tried that I want to So So So Bad!!!! I know you can help me!!!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke