Daniel thought he had it all. A nice car, tons of friends and being on the varsity football team. It got him some extra perks with the ladies noticing him. Only he didn’t really date to much. He was a nice guy and any girl would have loved to call him hers. He often walked around with no shirt on, which drove us girls crazy! We just had to see what the rest of his body looked like. Since we couldn’t ask any girl what he looked like in the buff.

The 6 of us snuck into the locker room after the football team had finished up. We thought we missed Daniel because the room was clear of any of the other teammates. I was about to leave until I could heard the shower going. We all tip toed into the large shower room and saw Daniel washing his perfect body. We all couldn’t stop staring…until he turned around. We went from staring to trying to not laugh. One of the girls giggled just a bit to loud. Daniel heard us, and looked towards our grinning faces.

He covered his cock up with one hand which only made us all bust out laughing. This guy with the body of a God, had a cock the size of a mouse. A well endowed mouse…but small none the less. Now we understood why he never dated anyone here at school. He had that tiny dick!

What really put us off was the fact that his tiny dick got hard when we laughed at him. The ladies and I told him we wouldn’t tell anyone if he let us inspect his tiny dick further.  He reluctantly agreed. The guy stood there listening to us make jokes about how we now knew his little secret, we laughed that as sexy as he was, we now thought differently of him. I tugged on it trying to stretch it longer. Only it was staying at its hefty size of 4 inches. More laughs ensued. Daniel started to shake. We didn’t know what was wrong with him. He suddenly blew his load all over the floor. A roar of laughter filled the locker room. He stood there like a sad loser. His little dick twitching and dripping. We called him pathetic and said we wanted to see him and his mouse cock again soon for a good laugh. He was happy to do it!

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