Her pussy is hot and wet.

After a few months of dating, Rob and I drive to Wichita, Kansas to visit a couple friends of mine.  We check in at our hotel and immediately go to our hot tub-equipped room to get ready and wet for our night out.  An hour later, Dustin and his girlfriend Amber arrive and, after quick hugs and a decision on Cajun for dinner, the night officially begins.

We go to Red Beans and order beers, appetizers, and (for the boys) mud bugs.  Amber and I get to know each other; the boys, however, wait until the nasty little crawdads arrive at the table before the male bonding commences. By the time we finish eating, we’ve drunk close to twenty beers between the four of us and the boys are clearly calling the shots for the evening.

They decide on Michelle’s Beach House, a gentleman’s club.  Never having been to a strip club, both Amber and I are a little nervous.  To remedy our nerves, Dustin goes to the bar and returns with a waitress carrying a full tray of beer and Jagermeister shots.

Normally, I would be a bit jealous, but after five rounds of shots, Amber and I are officially drunk and sitting ringside watching one of the club’s most beautiful dancers.

By the time we leave, Rob and Dustin have spent a small fortune and this gorgeous woman’s tits, pussy, and tongue has made contact with all of us.

Drunks have no concept of how loud they whisper, so the boys hear everything we say including how wet our pussies are.  From the seat, I only hear “wet pussy” and “hot tub party.” I am wet, nervous, and horny.

The moment we walk into our room, Rob turns on the hot tub’s jets; clothes flying everywhere, we all get into the tub.

Dustin sits in one corner and pulls Amber onto his lap. In the opposite corner (at the same time I hear her moan) I am sinking onto Rob’s hard cock.  Because our backs are against their chests, Amber and I are facing each other as they fuck us.

Before I can process what’s happening, Rob pulls out of my pussy and, after standing. He bends me forward and slides his cock back inside my cunt.  Dustin moves forward and, after lifting her pussy to the surface, he tells her to spread her legs.  Rob’s thrusting cock and hand on the back of my head push my face to Amber’s hot, wet cunt.  As I run my tongue along the lips of her pussy. I smell and taste nothing except hot, wet skin and I greedily push my face deeper into her.

Although I’m not ready to stop sucking and fucking on her, Rob soon has my legs spread and at the surface and Amber buries her face in my pussy.

At the same time, I feel Rob slide two of his fingers inside my asshole.  It doesn’t take more than a minute before I’m cumming on her face and his fingers.  He pulls me back to his corner. His dick repeatedly bumps my g-spot, I begin to cum over and over.

I would love to say we all fucked and sucked each other the rest of the night but I passed out ON Rob’s cock.  In addition to the worst hangover I’ve ever had (to this day) and puking (either on the side of the highway or out the window) the entire 190 miles home?  I had a brand new, huge goose-egg on my forehead.  To this day, I still don’t know whose wet arms my wet, passed out body slid out of…

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