Wet Seduction: There’s No Better Place To Get Dirty Than A Shower

I sit on the shower bench and hold the shower head in my hand.  As my dripping, wet body continues to tremble from my explosive orgasm, I lower my foot from the wall of the shower. I open my eyes and see you standing naked in the doorway and  I know you’ve seen me satisfying myself. Seeing not only the lustful appreciation in your eyes but your fully erect cock, I stand and put the shower head back in its place.

I know the sight of my naked, wet skin arouses you so I move to stand under the water, letting it spray onto my shoulders and then drip down to my firm, rounded breasts, my stomach, and my legs.  Although you’ve arrived home on time, I act as though you’ve taken me by surprise.

Feigning shy innocence, I say  “Hi baby, have you been standing there long?” You don’t respond with words; instead, your beautiful eyes devour my entire body. I see the adoration, the lust, and the burning passion on your face and I ask “Would you mind handing me a towel, love?”  Our eyes don’t break contact as you quickly strip off your scrubs.

Your delicious, naked body moves past the towel and continues toward me.  In that moment, I feel like the most desired woman in the world.  My body quivers and my blood boils.  I cannot wait until you reach me.  Once you do, I reach out and wrap my arms around you, desperate to melt into your heated flesh.

Your arms wrap around me and, wanting every inch of our skin touching, I pull you tight, pressing my breasts against your chest and your stomach against my stomach.

Your hands move down my wet skin and, grasping my ass with both. You pull my pussy against your hard cock.

A primal moan simultaneously escapes both our lips and I bring mine to yours, sliding my tongue in between them.  As you push me back under the spray, you’re strong, yet gentle hands continue to roam all over my body.  Your fingertips leave a trail of sensation as they run up and down my arms, my neck, my shoulders, around and down my spine to my hips.

My pussy is dripping now, both inside and out.  Both our bodies now wet, your hand slides smoothly down my thigh to the back of my knee.  You reach around and pull it up so my foot is resting on the shower bench.  The, you lean into me and press my back to the cool, wet shower tiles.  I open my eyes and, staring deeply into yours, I recognize the man I fell in love with.  A mischievous grin on my face, I silently congratulate myself for remembering what you have no power to resist, and what sends you over the edge.  Our shower has just begun…


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