A Lesbian Threesome

Antoinette’s eyes opened wide as she witnessed me knee deep in Chloe’s pussy. Chloe and I froze. Am I about to have a lesbian threesome?

“You two are going to be in so much trouble!” She said through clenched teeth. She wanted to tell the priest on us, but i suggested a better idea.

“C’mon Antoinette, live a little. Why don’t we help you relax?”

“No way, I’m not some dirty lesbo!” She climbed down the ladder and started heading towards the door. I hopped off the bunk and grabbed her arm. I swung her around and pushed her back on her mattress.

“Stop! What are you-” I covered her mouth with my hand. I whispered in her ear “This will be fun.” I turned and asked Chloe to come down. I sat on top of Antoinette so she would stop squirming.

“Take her panties off” I instructed. Chloe ripped them off without even thinking. Antoinette was such a spoiled brat. We both thought it was time to show her a lesson.

“Eat her pussy Chloe.”

“I don’t know how” She giggled as she said that. I grabbed her hair and pushed her face into Antoinette’s cunt. They yelped simultaneously, both unsure of what was currently happening.

“Tongue fuck her. Oh, baby your going to like the way she makes you feel.” For an armature,Chloe was really getting into it. Wathcing her tonguw fuck that pussy was making my clit swell up and start aching. I decided to put my legs on Antoinette’s arms and sat on her face.

“NMPHRG” Antoinette struggled.

“Start slurping me up bitch.” i twisted her nipple, making her squeal. I felt her tongue press against my swollen pussy and I let out a moan. I grabbed her breast tightly in my hand as I started bucking my hips. So I had my phone on me so I started recording the dirty deed we were doing. Footage of us fucking will keep that little tattle tale’s mouth shut.

“That’s a good girl. Are you going to cum for the camera Antoinette?”

Chloe started sticking her fingers inside of Antoinette’s little hole. “Oh, your so tight girl. Are you a virgin?” I giggled at Chloe’s amusement. Just a few minutes ago she was just as frightened as Antoinette. I transformed her into a lustful fiend.

“Ugh, I’m cumming!” I squirted all over Antoinette’s face, making her scream. I covered her mouth with my free hand. Now you’re going to eat Chloe and I’m going to finger fuck you. Chloe get on top.”

Chloe and I traded places. I gave her the phone so she could record. I stuck my index and middle fingers in my mouth to get them nice and wet. Then I slide both of them into Antoinette’s pussy.

She let out a muffled cry “MMMMMHH!” I think she rather enjoyed that. I started rubbing my clit while I penetrated her cunt with my fingers. This was the sexiest thing I had ever done. I was about ready to cum again when all of a sudden, Antoinette’s pussy got super moist and started making squishy noises.

“I love the way that sounds” Chloe looked at me and rolled her eyes into the back of her head. “God that feels amazing.

We fucked for a few more hours. Antoinette finally let her inner lesbian come out and she went crazy. She finger fucked me why sucking on my titties. I came so many times I felt dehydrated.

It was the best night of my teenage years.

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