Lesbian Chasing Pussy

Chloe’s beautiful, wet red hair glistened in the ray of sunshine as she started splashing me with water. I could barely contain my lesbian thirst to grab her head and stick my tongue down her throat. I playfully pushed her and she grabbed at my bikini top before she fell into the water.

” Oops, looks like you had a nip slip!” She giggled, pointing to my exposed breast. I looked at her, with an impish grin on my lips as I readjusted my top.

” You totally did that on purpose you slut. You love looking at my boobs don’t you?” I decided to flash her, thinking that maybe if she got a full glimpse of my curves, she wouldn’t be so hesitant later on.

“Oh, geez, Eliza are you crazy?! What if one of the camp leaders see us?” She ducked into the water, embarrassed.

“Oh, let them watch. I like the attention, don’t you?”

“I don’t want father Matthew to think that there’s a problem!” She whispered harshly and smiled nervously at one of the camp leaders looking in our direction.

“Why, you don’t want to be in lesbians with me?” I was cautious that I might have been trying too hard but I got her to laugh at me.

“You’re so stupid ‘Liza!” and she splashed water in my face and climbed out of the lake.

It was time to get ready for the bonfire. Oh, yea, more opportunity to flirt. We showered, changed, and followed the other girls back outside. I could only imagine how sweet that clean pussy of Chloe’s smelled. She was clean for me tonight and she didn’t even know.

I sat next to her at the bonfire. I offered her a s’mores and she opened her mouth for me. I shoved the whole thing in her gaping hole and got chocolate and marshmallow everywhere.

“Groglbmf??” She laughed, her mouth full of gunk.

“Oh, did the little piggy make a mess?” I said as I wiped the corners of her mouth with my palm. Hers eyes widened slightly as my fingers brushed ever so gently against her cheeks.

As a group we sang songs about Jesus, said good night and headed back to our cabins.

As soon as all the lights were out, I climbed the ladder that led to Chloe’s bunk.

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