This neighbor of mine has a really cute teenage boy in high school, and mentioned to me they were having a charity car wash to fundraise for the senior trip and  was there anyway I could help and donate some of my time? I didn’t have anything better to do, and got a devilish thought about how fun it might be to tease the teenage boys that might be there. I thought I bet if I showed up in my bikini they’d make even more. I got an even more wicked idea about asking my friend to join me and I was going to ask her to show up just in bikini bottoms and a thin white tee shirt, with no bra or bikini top underneath covering her D cup tits.


We arrived and all eyes were on us. Everyone else was wearing shorts and tee shirts, not bikinis, not see through shirts. I decided to stir things up and grabbed the hose and sprayed my friends chest. Instantly, the thin white tee shirt stuck to her huge breasts and the guys were getting boners left and right gawking at her. My bikini left little to the imagination, and I was getting my share of stares as well. I laughed to myself thinking I doubt my neighbor asked me to rile up and arouse the teenage boys at the high school this way! I just couldn’t resist though.

We started soaping up the cars with sponges from the buckets and I playfully took one and squeezed it over myself, soap bubbles dripping from my neck to my pussy. The line of cars was getting longer waiting for washes. My flirty plan seemed to be working. I went over to my friend and gave her some soapy attention as well, and even groped her breasts through her stuck on shirt, making her nipples harden and show her off even more.

I pulled her behind a car and started rubbing her pussy through her bikini bottoms, a few of the teenage guys could see and they were so hard in their pants. I slid my fingers inside and found her clit and started rubbing it as a few of them watched. I knew they wanted to whip out those young cocks right there and start stroking them as they watched. She reached over to me and the two of us stroked each other like that. Her cunt was wet from the water, but I soon found the slick wetness that was hers alone and dragged it up over her clit and she did the same to me. We were fingering each other on the street, partially hidden, but as I said a few guys watching.

After we both got off, we went back to washing cars and spraying each other with water from the hoses and driving the teen boys crazy as well as the ones lining up for car washes. Wasn’t my typical Saturday by any means, but I sure know how to get an audience going! Those teenage boys will no doubt be jerking off to me and my friend and what they saw for a long time to come.

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