I’ve been daydreaming about what it would be like to experience a werewolf transformation.

I’m typically a dominant woman but this transformation fantasy is all about SUBMISSION… What would it be like to be completely powerless to the moon? Most people look at the full moon without a second thought, admiring its beauty as it lights up the night sky. If I were a werewolf woman, I would know the moon’s darker secrets. Every month as it approaches fullness, I would only be filled with an intense fear and sexual energy that no pure-human could understand. There is something deep inside of me that I can’t control.

Something primal…

As the waxing moon approaches its full state I can feel the blood inside me run warmer.. pumping particularly strong in my cunt. It’s as if my body goes into heat as it senses the approaching “change.” My pussy throbs becomes more wet, more active, more hungry. When the moon finally takes its form I’ve learned that it’s best to just let go. I’ve been transforming since I was 16 and it hasn’t gotten any easier. Imagine the most amazing orgasm you have ever had multiplied by 10 and pair that with the most excruciating pain that a human can experience. Every time.

I go deep into the woods, take my clothes off and kneel on the ground.

Without thinking, I perk my cunt up as if I am waiting for a mate. The hormones inside of me are going crazy and then it begins. The light hits my body and my bones twist and crack inside of me. My spine shifts, my tail grows and a mutilated growl vibrates in my throat. My skull begins to shift and a snout forces its way forward on my face, stretching my skin as my head takes the shape of a wolf’s. Then my hands become paws and my chest grows many nipples, each one of them tingling as the fur begins to spread across my body.

I can feel that the transition is close to its finish as I retch and twist. The final bits of my naked skin grow fur and I reach something that resembles a climax. I become a wolf and my cunt bursts. Juices rushing down my furry haunches as I throw my head back to let out a blood-curdling howl.

And as soon as I “cum”, everything goes dark…

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