Werewolf Transformation  – Killer Kinky Time With Teen Wolf

Lately, I’ve been in a super taboo, naughty mood, and all I can think about is some sexy werewolf transformation fun! So, I thought it would be a great idea to talk about a little transformation fantasy that I have had to get into the Halloween spirit!

Now, where should I start? Sex, of course! The sex when during an amazing werewolf transformation is just tops! Just thinking about how pure,  raw and animalistic the sex would make my knees weak and my pussy drip. To just let nature take its course and pump through my very being as I do a female werewolf transformation would be godly. So Godly!

I can’t seem to stop touching myself to the thought of me changing, transforming into something compelling and oh so beautiful with luscious locks of pure white wolf fur all over my naked body.

Werewolf transformation begins now

The fur would rip through my skin and grow everywhere, leaving absolutely no bare skin visible. I will be covered from head to toe in a thick snow wolf hide. My hands would turn into wolf paws, slimming, and morphing into their desired shape. Oh, how magical! Not to mention all the sex I could have with the alpha! The werewolf transformation fantasy is so powerful I could almost cum just thinking about it.

My Alpha, biting my neck, claiming what’s his, while he’s inside of me makes my pussy throb!

His breath is on the back of my neck as his teeth sink into my skin. Mmm, it would be so delicious as he clings onto my back and digs his paws into my hips! His big, thick, veiny wolf cock would pulsate in pleasure inside of my canine cunt. Knotting to stay in place. Then the cum, oh yes, that sweet, satisfying gush of pleasure! I would look up and howl at that big beautiful moon shining in the night sky as we cum together!

I could feel the cum pumping into me, impregnating me with a little fur baby of my own. She will be raised just as I was, loving my wolf kind. Respecting nature and all of its beauty. Letting the pure animalistic urges take control and be free. Not to mention all of the werewolf transformation fun my fur baby will have! Don’t even get me started on the furry, fluffy ears and tail!

I think every girl is secretly a phone sex furry on the inside waiting for her werewolf transformation!

Ever since I can remember, I daydreamed about growing a tail and ears and being a part of a werewolf transformation pack. I wished for them, and I would even use props to make my dream a reality. But, now, that dream has become a reality. I am a werewolf with my own fluffy ears and tail, and they aren’t just props.

I can hear things, even the smallest and quietest of noises. Take a twig; for example, I can hear one break from a mile away. Not only that, my snout makes it easy to smell my prey or my alpha when he longs to be with me. And the taste! I can taste all sorts of new flavors and accents that my human body could only ever dream about. Even in the tiniest of meals, there is nothing but flavor. Talk about delicious!

As my fingers slide into my sopping wet pussy, I find my G-spot just as I picture my alpha on top of me. Clinging to my back and gripping onto my wolf hips hard as he starts cumming inside of me. Filling me with his seed. I close my eyes and inhale deeply; I can’t help but let out a howl as I cum under the moonlit sky. Cum covered my fingers as I pulled them out of my tight wet cunt. I sucked them clean as I moaned and thought about my werewolf transformation fun.

How freeing it will be to be able to run wild, fast, and free on all fours with my pack, others that you could truly trust your life with. A pack that would have my back no matter what, knowing that I was the alpha’s favorite phone sex toy.

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