I love hearing about weird sex fetishes.

Part of the fun of possessing what might be deemed as one of these “weird sex fetishes” is revealing it. The moment of confessing is highly arousing to the proverbial pervert (myself included). Hearing about these fringe kinks from clients always excites me.

Recently, I got a call from a new client whose GILF fantasy has him by the balls. You guessed it: the “G” stands from grandma. I had a lot of fun probing this caller’s (filthy) mind, and enjoyed hearing about his erotic fixation. Men marry women half their age all the time. Why shouldn’t the reverse titillate people??

Since I specialize in femdom phonesex, I tend to hear about “weird sex fetishes” more in the submissive realm, male fantasy-wise. Although he only calls once in a very long while, I have one regular client who fantasizes about catching HIV. I told him there’s a name for his fetish: bug chaser. His masturbation fodder makes sense to me. Everyone has a death drive, he just goes into overdrive when he jerks off. Not that weird, if you ask me.

And honestly, I don’t find any “weird sex fetishes” to be that “weird.” I think having plain old missionary style, vanilla sex only/forever/etc is WEIRD! But hey, that’s just me. And hey, if part of the erotic appeal of your fetish is that you want to know that I do think your fetish is weird . . . then guess what? I think it fucking WEIRD.

What’s your weird fetish? I’m ALL ears. Do you have a bizarre (and highly specific) fantasy? Taboo accomplice play? Let’s role-play it. The stranger, the more unusual, the more it excites me. Don’t believe me? Try me!

Call me with all your (weird or otherwise) taboo phone sex confessions. I’m right here waiting to hear them!


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke