Weird fetishes can strike us as interesting or intimidating, some seem cringe-worthy.

Weird fetishes I have heard of aren’t hugely common but one I keep seeing online got me wondering, ‘Why would you do that?’ We’ve all thought it when we hear something extreme in the fetish world. Working as a phone sex operator obviously gives me more exposure to learn and hear it all.

One of those weird fetishes I even talked about on my sex podcast was the fetish known as ‘Sounding’. What is Sounding and why do men and some women do it?

weird fetishes

Did you know that ‘Sounding’ or ‘Urethral Sounding’ give a great amount of pleasure when done properly? If you’re into prostate play or pegging because you enjoy the feeling of your prostate being milked, then you might wanna keep an open mind.

Playing with your prostate through the rectum isn’t actually touching your prostate directly. The most direct way to play with your prostate is through ‘Sounding’ through your urethra!

There are three types of toys you can use in your urethra: Penis Plug, Sperm Stopper, Urethral Sound/Dilator. You can find each of these in stainless steel and silicon.

The latter of them all is what you would use to find your prostate. You can find gauges that start from 3mm and up to 18mm.  Beginners should start at 4mm because 3mm is very thin and you could poke a hole if you aren’t experienced.

Do not use just any lube. Use sterile lube and clean your cock and sterilize your toys. Lay on your back and hold you flaccid (soft) cock 90 degrees and lube it up along with the Urethra Sounding wand. Put the tip into your penis and do not force it. Let the weight of the tool slip in slowly.

Weird fetishes don’t seem so scary once you find out it’s pleasurable if done right!  

Once it’s down the full length of your penis you can gently rock the tool or your cock back and forth, not side to side. The tool will rub your prostate. Don’t try using the tip at the end to rub it, but the shaft of the tool. Go slow and feel around SLOW! Once you find your prostate, play with it!

You can even use toys in your ass while doing it. When you’re about to cum, do not rip the tool out. Gently pull it out while you’re masturbating or while you’re fucking your ass with a toy. If your tool is in when you cum, you’ll get retrograde ejaculation and that does not feel so great unless you love ruined orgasms.

A few other tips, do not use stuff from around your house to stuff down your cock hole. Do not use dirty tools. If it burns when you pee after Sounding, that’s perfectly normal. Go slow and enjoy exploring deeper parts of your body and new intense ways to orgasm.

Like my way of explaining the basics on How To? Check out my blog on how to have phone sex and keep an eye out for the next fetish I break down.

weird fetishes