My Friend Has a Weird Fetish: Small Penis Humiliation

My friend, we will call him Matt, has a weird fetish. He loves it when I tell him how little his cock is! I get to laugh and make fun of how tiny his dick is and he wants me to do it!

I do not remember how I found out about Matt’s fetish anymore, but I was so glad I did! It’s so much fun watching his tiny cock get hard as I laugh at it and compare it to my lipstick tube-it is actually smaller than my lipstick tube!!

I have so much fun with Matt when he wants me to humiliate him.  Matt likes to get naked for me while I do this. I never even take my clothes off. I think he prefers when I do it in my heels, anyway. He gets naked for me and I circle around him, laughing and pointing.

I have even brought a few other friends over to help out on occasion. They have so much fun and, truthfully, I think that makes Matt cum even harder when he has several girls laughing at him. It’s amazing how much cum can come out of such a tiny cock!

He likes to start stroking his tiny cock after it gets really hard. I make fun of him more when he does start stroking, though-he only needs two fingers! He uses his thumb and index finger to stroke his tiny cock as he cums. The cum usually squirts everywhere, but it’s okay, I make him clean it up after-with his tongue.

When I am done playing with him, I lock him up in a cock cage. The little thing is useless anyway, right?


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