Weird Fetish Haunted House With An Arousing Finish

A group of gal pals and I went to visit my a friend’s weird fetish haunted house that he had put together.  We had spent the evening partying, dancing, and drinking and were having a great time. I was dressed as this really sexy fox. Cute little brown & white fox eared headband, tall black thigh-high boots, a tight brown corset that plumped my breasts up, and this little tiny brown mini skirt that just barely covered my ass.  I had altered the skirt however with a hole in the back to allow my foxtail plug to go through. I love Adult Chat.

Oh The Bad Things We Will Find

We get to the haunted house and it was outrageous and truly sadistic. There were body parts scattered everywhere and every crazy costume you could imagine. This was truly the weird fetish dream! Even werewolves eating a body in the corner, vampires sucking blood from girls in another area. Likewise, someone getting chopped to pieces in another area, you get the idea.  When we get into the last room though it was surprisingly peaceful. There were black curtains hanging from every surface. There were black and red candles everywhere providing the only light. In the center of the room, there was an altar made out of white marble. It was absolutely pristine glowing in the candlelight.

Surrounding this altars were men and women in various forms of dress. Some nude, some in full costumes, some with modified costumes that allowed their cocks or breasts to be seen. There were about 10 people in total. A male and female werewolf, a zombie, a few monsters, and an angel and a priest covered head to toe. He was wearing some sort of mask so you couldn’t see his face. When we were all crowded into the room, the room went silent. You could hear the snick of the door as it is being bolted.  At that point, the priest began circling the crowd and standing before each person for a moment before moving on to the next.  When he got to me, he stopped and then motioned his head and took my arm.

Who Know The Weird Fetish I Would Be Put In

I laughingly went along thinking this was my friend’s boyfriend and I was going to be a part of the show. The angel laid me across the altar and it was then I noticed the shackles attached to each of the 4 corners. She strapped me down and tightened everything so that I couldn’t budge. The two werewolves stepped forward at this point and began running their claws all over my body… only they had been replaced with knife tips and they left scratches all over my body.  The male werewolf then began to cut my clothing away leaving me bare for everyone to see, legs spread wide with my pussy dripping onto the altar. The priest said I was a bad taboo phone sex girl and then pushed a button on the wall to reveal a cabinet full of floggers, whips, canes, dildos, vibrators, clamps and more.

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