I’ve got a weird fetish itch that just begs to be scratched.  A grade school Halloween party will do just the trick… or treat…

I’ve been known to explore a weird fetish or two.  Through the years I’ve collected some truly crazy sex stories.  Tonight, I’m going to make some new ones.

Halloween can be so much fun.  I’ve received invites to so many parties.  All the delicious men and women I could possibly want will be attending.  Obviously, picking which one to attend is damn near impossible.  I think I just might skip all of them and crash my neighbor’s party instead.  The eerie chill in the air has me feeling extra devious and this little soiree will have exactly what I have an appetite for.

You see, they have a big family.  5 snotty little kids and all their snotty little kid friends are having a big party for pretty much their entire school.  I’ve been watching them drag spooky things into the woods.  Once the guests arrive in their chintzy little costumes they will be marching into those woods to have the bejeezus scared out of them by whatever is lurking in the woods.

I mean, obviously, I see no reason why I couldn’t be one of the things lurking in the woods.

There is something about those cheaply made costumes that excites me.  They are pretty disposal, most of those costumes are just junk and almost nothing to rip right off their tender little bodies.  Obviously, the weather is a bit nippy.  Obviously, a responsible parent would be sure to layer warm clothing underneath their precious childrens’ costumes.  However, petulant children are almost a plague these days, and so many young ones just throw their little temper tantrums until they get what they want.  Those parents will give in and send their children out in these paper thin costumes, that with me popping out of the woods will never make it through the night.

Do you have an appetite for the same weird fetish I do?  I could probably use a hand… Give me a call for some hot accomplice phonesex!