What’s your wedgie fetish? Front? Back? Both?

It’s okay, I know you have a secret wedgie fetish. How could you not want to see these cute little panties cinched tight up between and up my cute little butt cheeks? What’s not to like about watching me pull my almost see-through undies up so high you can see the contours of my full, sexy labia? You need wedgie fetish phone sex. I need you to give me a wedgie.

My pussy lips are so thick and so soft. I often find my hand already slipped down my panties throughout the day. My fingers are drawn to my juicy cunt lips, to tracing and re-tracing them over and underneath my underthings. It’s just an “absent-minded” habit, I guess. But come on, can you blame me? What kind of fabric do you like seeing the outline of my pussy lips in best? Do you prefer a certain type of lingerie? Or are you more in the yoga pants cameltoe camp?

How does it make you (and your cock) feel when I pull a pair of cotton boyshorts high up into my firm, plump ass cheeks? I like to give myself a wedgie with my sexy panties in front of you because I know it drives you fucking crazy. But I like it when you’re the one giving me an intense wedgie between my perfect, smooth cheeks, too.

I know how I want our wedgie phonesex call to end: with you pulling whatever panties or tight pants I’m wearing off.

You’ve been teasing me, pulling them up and rubbing the fabric against my clit, asshole, and pussy. All that friction on my delicate ladybits makes me want a naughty release. Can you make me cum after you’ve wedgied me silly?? Then do it.

So, guess what? Finally, you just found the wedgie fetish sex hotline you’ve been searching for. I’m right here, waiting for your call!