We all know I’m a dirty little homewrecker

This weekend I think I set some kind of record! I was a bridesmaid in a wedding. Ironically enough, I can’t stand the bitch that was getting married! She was a ‘lil sis in my sorority, and she was such dirty little cum dumpster! She must have fucked EVERY sorority sister’s boyfriend at LEAST once! I was shocked that she would ask me to be in her wedding in a way, but then again? Not really. You don’t keep many friends when you FUCK all their boyfriends and husbands! (Well, unless you’re a sneaky little homewrecker  and keep it on the down low, like ME!)

The bridesmaids dress was hideous, in accordance with the tradition to make your bridesmaids look as unappealing as possible so that YOU are the star attraction! How are you supposed to attract the HOT best man in a dress that covers everything that should be flaunted, and hugs you in all the wrong places? *sigh* I struggled through the ceremony, fidgeting. I’d never met her husband-to-be, but as I was standing there I noticed suddenly that the groom was pretty insanely hot! I wondered if he knew what a whore she really was, and kind of felt sorry for him. I’d heard he was a wealthy playboy. So it didn’t surprise me that she got her hooks into him as soon as they met! I chuckled to myself as I wondered how long she would be able to keep her wedding vows.

FINALLY! the ceremony was over.

I hoped that no one noticed that I had been eyeballing the groom the entire time he was getting married to my “friend”!  I had to get out of that stupid tacky bridesmaid dress! It was a moral imperative! Especially if I wanted to attract that HOT best man. I practically ran back to the dressing room and pulled that monstrosity up over my head and threw it off to the side. Thank GOD! I surveyed myself in the full length mirror, wearing nothing but my white lace bra and panties, nude thigh highs, white garter belt, and heels. I thought WOW. Much improved already! I was chuckling softly to myself, cupping those big gorgeous natural tits and squeezing them together in my bra – when the newly married GROOM walked into the dressing room!

I played it cool. Keeping my hands on those beautiful twin peaks of hotness, squeezing, as I casually asked, “are you looking for your wife?”

He couldn’t stop staring at my body – his tongue was practically hanging out of his mouth! He replied “I thought I was. But now I realize I was actually looking for YOU!” With that, he walked over to me in 2 long strides. He grabbed me by my waist, and pulled me to him – practically crushing me as he held my almost naked, squirming body against him!

I could feel his rock hard cock through his wedding tux pants, and I knew right then I was going to be the ultimate homewrecker today, and fuck this newly married man about 2 minutes after his wedding! Before I even knew it, he had me bent over one of the dressing room chairs, tugging down those hot little white lace panties! He unbuckled his pants, pulled out that hard, throbbing dick that was already slobbering precum all over his hand, and shoved it deep into my soaked, willing pussy!

Maybe they really ARE a perfectly matched couple! 🙂

MMMMMM. Adultery at it’s finest! Definitely a notch for my “first times” bed post!
Wanna hear more details about the dirty things we did in the dressing room. While his wife, still in her gorgeous wedding dress, was wandering around looking for him? All you have to do is pick up the phone and dial. I’m getting wet already, just thinking about telling you more!

Your Slutty Wedding Day Homewrecker,

Best Phone Sex!