Sensual Passionate Heat Is So Steamy It Will Melt Snow.

Do you have a sensual passionate heat building under the surface? It’s a heat that can slowly burn,  but rest assured when it finally bursts a raging fire can ignite.

So, this sensual passionate heat can be felt from within and work its way out.  Love and desire can be manifested in the most unlikely places. For example, how about a trip to the mountains?

How about a trip to the mountains where love can be harvested?

Not harvested in the farming sense, but a love that can cultivate and build passion and fire from deep within. One of the most erotic sex stories starts high overhead in the mountains.

When I was younger, so much younger, I went out to get some needed groceries. Up till now, I didn’t recognize him until he smiled at me. His smile was so heartwarming. It turned my insides to mush. All of the previous feelings returned. We talked for so long our groceries started to get warm.

We didn’t want the fun to ever end.

The sensual passionate heat only got hotter when we decided to make a small getaway trip together. While on the plane, we cuddled and held hands. I had to really hold back so much on the plane. A little kissing was fine, but when things started to heat up in our seats, I pulled back, blushing.

The mountains called out for our coming.

I was so beyond excited that I could hardly sit still. Eventually, the plane landed and we were able to get our rental car. We drove up the hill so hot with excitement. Finally, we got up there and settled in. However, we didn’t anticipate the cold snowstorm that hit us.

My man started a fire in the fireplace.

The heat felt so good in the room. I loved the way the firelight cast across our skin. We started on the couch and sipped some drinks. We slowly kissed, running our hands all over each other’s bodies.

I excused myself to go over to the bedroom to change to my surprise. When I emerged his eyes beheld a rose-red teddy and matching panties. He explored my lingerie admiring the material under his fingers. He moaned with pleasure.  We went over to the fireplace and sat on the soft rug. We grabbed some blankets for later.

His mouth kissed my lips, my neck, my chest. As he pulled down the lingerie, he kissed all over my breasts and took my nipples into his warm mouth.  I moaned in pleasure at the sensations coursing through my body.

My lover slowly undressed me and I removed his shirt teasing his chest with my mouth. His mouth kissed all over my body before making his home inside of my delicious pussy.  Softly his mouth licked, flicked, sucked, and coaxed the delicious nectar cum from my loins.

The love was so hot.

He drank me so deeply as I came over and over again.  I undressed him to bare, pure naked delight and teased him all over doing the same thing he had done to me. We talked briefly of how much we should have done when we were younger, but would spend this night making sensual passionate heat the way we always wanted to do.

We made beautiful love that night, all night, and weathered the storm with the hottest most sensual passion two lovers could ever experience together.  However, that was just the beginning…

Let’s make our own sensual passionate in passionate hot phone sex until we explode with passion.

 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke