He love’s to wear panties…

One of my favorite subs loves to wear panties. He’s a BBC sucking, panty-wearing slut with one of the tiniest dicks I’ve ever seen. It’s literally smaller than a tube of chapstick and barely sticks out further than his pubes… It cracks me up! He is one of my favorites because he always keeps me laughing. Anything he does with his cock looks fucking ridiculous.

It’s specifically his mother’s panties that he likes to wear. I’ve listened to him jerk off in her undies a million times. I love pushing him to get caught so I make him jerk off in her bed, cum in her panties and stash them around her bedroom and house. I’ve even written her TWO e-mails informing her what a sissy her son is– that he’s obsessed with sucking cock and is using her panties as cum rags. Still, he calls me at least two or three times a week! Nothing can keep him from pursuing his dirty obsession.

His cum stains are literally bigger than his cock!

He’s incapable of pleasing any woman with his unimpressive dick, which has to lead him to a life of cock sucking and anal. I keep him on a strict regimen of gay porn, requiring him to take notes on how to blow men like a real sissy. His dick is so worthless that the only way he can please a lover is if they are fucking him in the face or ass.

His humiliation is my joy and that’s why I love my dick sucking sissy bitch so much. If he’s not wearing panties then he’s completely naked, he knows how much his baby dick makes me laugh. He is so obedient and just wants to make his goddess happy… how sweet!

Love you, baby.

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