It’s my job to lure the girls to him. He pays me to seek out the prettiest and most innocent. He doesn’t care where I get them from. Bus stops, malls, grocery stores, parking lots, and public parks. He just wants them to have a ripe pussy in between their legs.

I met him at a bar one night. He bought me a few drinks. After the third one, I felt a little woozy, and the next thing I knew he was force-feeding his cock down my throat. He fucked my face until he came hard in my mouth. Then he paid me a large sum of money and told me that I could keep getting paid if I started working for him.

Fast forward three months and I found myself preying on the third unsuspecting girl. She was perfect. She was a waitress with a beautiful smile, long red hair, and perfect round tits. I watched her end her shift and then at the perfect moment I went up to her as she walked out to her car and asked if I could use her phone. She didn’t feel threatened because I am a woman too. She handed me the phone and got jabbed with a tranquilizer on the right side of her neck at the same time. It was quick and clean.

When she woke up he had already dressed her in the black nylons and black pumps. I painted her lips ruby red. He told her that it was her fault that she was kidnapped because she was so beautiful. He forced her legs open right in front of me and told me to eat her pussy. Then he said that he was going to force her to cum in my mouth. I could tell that she was trying her best not to cum, but her body was stronger than her will and she gave into to strokes of my tongue on her clit. God her pussy juice was divine.

Her pussy was bulging and throbbing from having multiple orgasms by the time he told her to get on her knees and suck his cock. She resisted, so I forced her to the floor and pride her mouth open. As he fucked her face I sat in the chair in front of them and finger fucked my tight wet pussy. It was so hot seeing him take her in the mouth like that. He made her gag and almost throw up on his hardwood. I still played with my pussy as he plunged his dick deep inside of her almost virginal pussy. He broke through her pussy walls and she screamed. I sat on her face and made her eat my tender cunt. That muffled her screams for a while.

I knew that I was going to piss in her mouth. I always pissed in the girl’s mouths while he fucked them in their holes. She gagged on my piss, but eventually, she had to swallow. He blew his load inside of her when he saw my warm yellow piss filling her mouth. His creampie dripped from her gaping hole. When he pulled out his cock I told him to finish her off. So He pissed all over her shaking body. We let her clean herself off and then we dropped her off by her car. There will be more, I’m sure of it.

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