So I have been mulling it over, hearing how some of you touch your nice hard cocks when you call. I thought I would give you a small guide and some tip and very fun tricks on how you can touch that dick when you call me!

I bet you’re thinking, “Hell its my cock I know how to get it hard and blow a load.” What if I told you, you could feel like you were actually fucking me? I have done my research boys and I have some sure fire ways to get you off with things you already have in your house! These aren’t my original ideas, but how often do you Google how to enhance fucking your hands? Probably not often.

So I will start off with saying lube with my is a key component. I hate Astro Glid and shit like that. Lets get down to basics, buy some Organic, unrefined coconut oil. You can find it at Target or any natural food section in the grocery store. You wont have to keep re-applying, and your will have the softest skin from using it. Plus…your tool will smell delicious. I myself use it for all my kinky play. Use it in your ass and on your toys too.

So what can you use around the house? I know you all go to the grocery store and come home with a zillion plastic bags, sorry paper bags will not work and neither will cloth. If you don’t have coconut oil, you must have some Vaseline. Also a bed with a box spring helps.

1. Take the plastic bag and sandwich it into the mattress and the box spring leaving just a small bit hanging out. Coat your shaft with a good amount of lube (coconut or Vaseline). Push your cock into the bag and the bed. the pressure from the mattress and box spring and the lubed up bag will feel similar to a tight pussy clenching down on you.

2. Grape Fruit! Take a grape fruit leave it on the counter until it reaches room temperature. Roll it under your palm on the counter to soften it up a bit, cut the top and bottom off. Cut into the center of the grape fruit the thickness of your dick when it’s soft. Now you can sit back and squeeze it around your dick. That’s right men, fuck that grape fruit. I recommend a towel under your ass. Feels like a pussy. Why spent crazy money on a pocket pussy when you can buy these and have a nice REAL feeling cunt.

3. Banana! Get a thick banana, cut about an inch off it, and scope out most of the creamy nanner, don’t scope it clean, but make room for your shaft. Once ready, slid it over your dick and jack yourself off. The banana that’s inside will act as the lube for you. If it splits, who cares hold onto it and fuck yourself!

4. Hot wet towel and condom. Use the plastic bag if you like. lube up your cock, and slid the condom on, wrap a hot towel (not scolding) around your hard on and enjoy that hot pussy feeling.

5. Water Wings. You can find water wings at the Dollar Store. In flat them to the desired pressure, put lube inside of them and on your cock. have a happy ending with a cheap water toy!

6. Lay a pillow in your bed vertically. Put your cock under the pillow while laying on top of it on your stomach. Reach under with a lubed hand and thrust your hips in and out, squeeze your hand tighter around it every few seconds to mimic a pussy pulsing around you.

7. Look at the clock. Pick a time to start and finish. PLEASE boys, its going to feel so much better if you do not try to be greedy and rush through it for that quick release. At least give yourself 30 minutes of play time. Try the stop and go method. Its like edging, only you get to cum when you want. Let time be your mistress when alone. Your orgasm will be that much sweeter and worth the drawn out wait!

8. Don’t neglect your ass! Most men are open minded to having their assholes licked and penetrated. Lucky them, they know that there is more then one way to milk their dicks. If you are new to having your virgin ass played with, start small. Use a single lubed finger, while stroking your cock, tease your asshole. Slid a finger over it. Push the tip of your finger in. It will feel funny at first and maybe uncomfortable, just relax. Get into the feeling of how good your cock feels while being stroked. Start pushing your finger in until you reach the second bend of your finger. Pull it out slowly, then push it all the way back in. Once in massage your G-spot. Its about 2 inches in your ass, behind your balls. Don’t press towards your back, press towards your stomach. You will know when you found it. Do the same steps over but with two fingers. Eventually you will have prepped your ass for a toy. I love to milk a cock by playing with that ass.

9. Your balls…boys they don’t hang there for looks. They need some love and attention to. Some men say, “meh, doesn’t do much for me.” Well son you’re not taking your time then. Try grazing your balls with the tips of your fingers. Might tickle at first, but while you are touching some other erogenous zones it might just feel good. Massage them, stroke them. When near cumming, cup them and gentle squeeze them. If you don’t want to cum, wrap your hand around them and slowly pull them down. You will reduce the chances of blowing your wad if you do this.

10. My top and favorite tip. Its all about how you hold it. Don’t yank it like you’re trying to rip it off. You have two hands, use em! When we’re on the phone and you want my pussy wrapped around you and you have nothing with you to do it, use your hands! Lube them up, point your cock straight up, hold it up with your left hand. with your right hand, make a tight fist, start trying to push your cock into the bottom of your fist. Make it tight! I have a nice tight hole, you will work that cock into your hand. Once its down your cock, do the same with your left hand. Your hands will be stacked on top of each other. The top of your right fist touching the bottom of your left. Start twisting them in opposite directions, thrust your hips in and out of that lubed hole. Close your eyes and feel me ride you.

I hope this list made you wanna start hunting for things around the house! Why just stick to the plain old rub and tug? Make it feel as close to a pussy as you can, reach for a better cum experience. How you touch your cock is only part of the fun, the rest is how I paint your fantasy.


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