Water sports and incest collided when my nephew came to visit on for his birthday

Water sports is one of my favorite things, but I never thought I would share my kink with my nephew. Kyle is my favorite nephew. So I was thrilled when he wanted to spend his spring break and his 21st with me. I was looking forward to showing my favorite nephew a fantastic time at some LA hot spot, but I never dreamed I would end the week by introducing my nephew to water sports and incest.

After a fun-filled night of drinking and celebrating Kyle’s 21st birthday, Kyle and I were rushing home in a cab on a mad dash to pee. As soon as I got to the front door open it was a race to see who could make it to the bathroom first. Trying to run and unbuckle his pants slowed Kyle down, so I shoved the kid to the side and sprinted past him to the bathroom. When I got into the bathroom, I pulled my panties to the side and began to take the most glorious piss in the history of mankind.

I was in midstream when Kyle ran into the bathroom with his cock out, doing the pee-pee dance. It didn’t look like Kyle would be able to hold it for much longer, so to keep the kid from making a mess on my bathroom floor, so I offered to share the toilet with him. I sat back as far as I could on the toilet seat and spread my legs as wide as I could. Giving Kyle plenty of room to pee down in between my legs.  As Kyle started to unleash an impressive stream of piss, some on his pee dribbled and splashed onto my clit.

Feeling his hot golden liquid splashing against my snatch was such a turn on, that my pussy was wet with more than just piss.

Seeing Kyle’s hot, young, thick, cock spraying piss all over my pussy ignited my love for water sports and I took Kyle’s pissy young cock into my mouth. Kyle’s piss drained into my mouth and down my throat. I could feel his cock stiffen as I looked up at him with his piss streaming out of the sides of my mouth. As I looked up, I could tell by the look on his face, that this was Kyle’s first experience of anything associated with water sports, and he definitely didn’t expect his 21st birthday to end with an incestuous BJ from his favorite auntie. This may have been an expected watersports session for Kyle, but I could tell from how hard his cock was, that he was enjoying his first watersports experience.

I pulled my dress and my bra over my head, and let Kyle spray the last of his piss all over my tits. Without saying a word, Kyle dropped to his knees and began licking and sucking his piss off of my tits. I loved feeling Kyle’s mouth on my hard nipples, but it wasn’t lost on me that my sweet little nephew was taking to watersports with a passion. Kyle dropped his hands between my legs, slid two fingers into my snatch and started to finger the last of my piss out of my pussy. Feeling Kyle’s fingers inside of me just made me want to feel his hard cock throbbing inside of me.

I stood up and kissed Kyle deeply. I wanted Kyle to taste his piss and his pre-cum on my lips.

Then I sat Kyle down on the toilet seat and straddled his hard cock. I suddenly felt that giving my nephew a full watersports experience was the best gift I could give him on his 21st birthday. I took Kyle balls deep into my hungry cunt and began to grind the head of his cock on my G-Spot. As I rode his cock, Kyle was moaning as he licked the last of his piss off of my tits. My pussy tightened as Kyle’s hard cock pounded into my pussy. As Kyle’s cock stroked my G-Spot, my pussy exploded pussy juice and piss down Kyle’s rock hard cock. As my cum coated his balls Kyle screamed out “Auntie! I have to pee!” right before his cock erupted shooting hot cum and piss into my cunt.

As Kyle’s cum and piss leaked out of my pussy, I kissed my nephew on the neck and asked if he had a good time on his birthday. Kyle grabbed my face, kissed me deeply and said that watersports had made his 21st birthday something to remember.

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