Watching you, As I Secretly Undress You With My Eyes! part 2

I still haven’t been able to tell whether or not you have a Mrs. Sexy As Fuck in that house, but if you do, she’s a lucky bitch. I sit on my kitchen counter naked and day-dream about watching you fucking her while thinking of me. I think about all the freaky ways you fuck her, lick her and just ravage her body, with your cock, tongue, and hands. Hmmm, the thought of you gets me all kinds of worked up. I imagine you forcefully pushing her legs over her head and you bracing your hands on the back of her knees and just plow that little cunt with your throbbing goodness.

It was about 7:30 A.M. on Monday morning and I heard a gentle knock at my door. I shouted, “Who is it?” and I heard nothing. A Few seconds later, again I hear a gentle knock at the door. Once again I ask who’s there and again, nothing. Scrambling to put my robe on, I run to the door to answer it and who to my surprise was standing in my doorway? You!! Every inch of sexy you! There you were, standing in MY doorway, holy shit…immediately my heart begins to pound. Thoughts go running through my head, I can only imagine the true nature of your visit.

Suddenly, without speaking a word, you grip me up by my ass so firmly that I have no choice, but to wrap long sexy legs around you.

You begin to aggressively make out with me and bite my neck. Already I can feel my pussy juices begin to flow and I can feel that hot rod between your legs grow…hmmm I think I’ve died and gone to sex fantasy heaven. Just then, I realized that you’ve taken me to the same exact spot on my counter, where I’ve been watching you for this past couple of months. You quickly set me down, grabbed my legs, held them up against my cabinets and went to town eating my already furiously wet cunt. The way you explored every inch, every crease of my pussy was beyond incredible.

There I was sweating and panting like a bitch in heat, my hips squirming underneath you and finally, my pussy exploded all over the place. So much so that when you finally came up for air, I could see my cum dripping off your chin. Still, without neither of us uttering one word this whole time, you made your way up towards my face to let me suck my cum off your face, unzipped your zipper and pulled that massively large cock of yours out and… I challenge you to call me and tell me in great detail, what it is you did to me next! Your phone sex fantasy is waiting right here!

Phone Sex Girls!