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The excitement of going to your knees, putting your eye to the key hole.  Watching her laying on the bed, naked!

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And in the wink of your eye, she starts to roll over, getting on her stomach and lifting her ass in the air as she brings her knees under and spreads her legs open as far as she can, all while you are watching.

Now you can see her pussy and her tight little ass hole.  Don’t you wish your tongue was licking and lapping her right now?  Maybe clean up from the fucking she just had, while you were watching.

Oh my, look at the big toy she pulled out from under the pillow.  It’s a big orange cock!   Are you watching her lick it and sucking on it?  Now she takes it to her pussy and rubs her clit with the head of the dildo.  Do you want her to stick it in her pussy?  And fuck herself while you’re gazing.

Your cock is getting harder and you can’t stop stroking it while you’re ogling her fuck herself with a big orange dildo!

And then the explosion all over the door and you turn and leave her house.

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