Watching My Husband and His Mistress!

It’s not every day that I come home and find my husband fucking the brains out of his mistress in our bed. I’ve suspected the affair for a few months now so it wasn’t a big surprise to have it confirmed. I Just didn’t expect it to happen in my own bed, on my satin sheets!

The woman was loud, the first things I heard when I got home were her moans and cries of, “Oh, keep going. Oh yeah, oh fuck me.” Oh blah, blah, blah. At first, I thought my husband was watching a porno and I went on up to our bedroom to investigate more. I was going to give him a helping hand while he was jerking off, maybe a helping mouth too. The bedroom door was half-open and I started to open it further, just then…..

I saw my husband in bed with a brunette lying underneath him, her legs wrapped around his waist.

I stopped moving so they wouldn’t notice me and watched them. Part of me was pissed off and wanted to storm in, but the voyeur in me got turned on at the sight. She had her head thrown back against the pillow, her hair spread out around her. She had big, round breasts that jiggled with every thrust from my husband.

I felt a small tightening in my pussy and I undid the top button of my jeans so I could slip my hand inside them. I slid a finger inside and slowly moved it in and out, trying to make myself wetter. My husband was fucking her at a good pace and I couldn’t help, but hear him say how tight she was. Hearing that made me get even wetter and I slid in a second finger. My husband was pinning her arms to the mattress, something that I love him doing to me and I thought of his fingers gripping my arms. I pumped my fingers faster as my husband panted over his mistress and called her “baby”.

She moaned and begged him to fuck her harder.

My husband started moving faster and she let out little cries as he pounded her. She suddenly let out a loud cry then a silent gasp as she started to cum. I moved my fingers over my clit and began to rub it in hard, quick circles. I could feel my juices dripping down my fingers. The muscles in my husband’s back tensed up and he let out a deep groan. I knew that moment so well and that right now he was cumming inside her. My fingers kept rubbing my clit and I rocked my hips back and forth. I bit my lip and tried to keep quiet as I started to cum.

I leaned against the door frame and slowed down my movements. My husband pulled out of his mistress and I quickly slid my hand out of my pussy. He rolled over on to his back as I moved down the hallway, doing up my jeans. I wiped my fingers on them and headed for my car. I killed some time so the brunette could leave then went back home. My husband kissed me when I walked in the door and asked how my day was. I told him it had been good and said nothing about what I had seen…..until the moment he told me that he had been thinking about me all day.

What happened next you ask yourself?? Call me and find out whether or not this was an isolated incident or if I learned to love watching my husband and his mistress……..hmmmmm!

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