You’re watching me again.

You told yourself you wouldn’t do it again. But you just can’t help yourself from watching me. It started out simple enough. Driving through the neighborhood at night. The light from a window with open shades catches your eye as you see me framed against the lamplight. I may be gazing at myself in the mirror but all you can tell is that I have a thoughtful look on my face. And I’m naked. My high, firm tits glisten in the low light like they might be wet. Maybe I’m just out of the shower.

You realize that you are staring, shake yourself and move on, hoping no one saw you watching. That was a few weeks ago and now you are hiding in the bushes outside my open bedroom window, knowing I’ll be there any second because you just heard the shower shut off. You’ve been watching me enough to know my routine. I get out of the shower and move to my bedroom without covering up. The door opens and I walk in.

Not even suspecting that you are peeking in my window.

But instead of going straight to my dresser to get dressed or my make up table to get my make up on, this time I sit on my bed. Searching on my laptop, but for what, you can’t tell. I find what I’m looking for and settle the computer on the nightstand and you can see that I’ve pulled up porn. You start to get excited. This isn’t something I normally do. Not while you’re here. But tonight I lay down and stretch out, running my fingers first over my lips, then down to my nipple to tweak them until they are hard as little steel ball bearings. I start to moan and you do what you normally wait to get home to do.

You reach into your pants and free your already swollen and throbbing cock, stroking it, imagining a thousand different scenarios where its my hand on your hard dick. Your stroking speeds up as I reach between my legs to sweet wetness there.
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