Ben Always Watched My Feet! So I Fucked Him!

Hanging out with all my friends, there was one that always stood out to me; Ben. Ben was usually quiet, go with the flow type of guy. Whenever we all got together at someone’s house I always walked around with nothing on my feet. That’s when I’m the most comfortable. Little did I know that Ben loved feet! I always caught him staring at them.

One night we’d all had some wine to drink, when everyone but Ben and I went to the pool. We decided to stay behind and finish cooking dinner for the group. We were sitting on the couch laughing when I took my foot and placed it in his lap. I felt his cock immediately twitch and get hard. I looked up at him and smiled with my little devilish smile. He closed his eyes as I moved my foot around and moaned.

I told him I’d noticed him watching my feet. I knew he was aching to feel them against his cock. He was shocked I could tell that just by him watching me. I told him to stand up and take his pants off. I laid down on the floor in front of him and brought both my feet to his naked crotch. His 9-inch cock was so very responsive to each movement against him.

Ben ran his hands along my feet as I moved them back and forth against his rock-hard cock.

I then wrapped my feet around him so that his cock was rubbing between the arches of my soul. He pressed them together and started to pump his hips up and down as his cock was rubbing all over my feet. I could feel his precum start to drip out.

His movements picked up and became faster until he came all over my toes and feet. I moved my toes across his head as he was finishing, just to make him twitch a little bit harder. He cleaned up quickly and was barely pulling his pants up when everyone walked back through the door. I eye fucked him the rest of the night!

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