Do you want to know what I do to little boys when they come over to my house.  These are little man boys trying to find their masculinity.   They come to me to learn self-discipline, self-control, and most of all  they learn how to be obedient.

When they first come in, they strip naked for me.  I then place an ice-cube shaped like a dick in their ass.  I don’t mean bite size either.  Then I bring out the cage.  Oh yes…..THE CAGE!  In which only I hold the key.  I trap that little pecker in there and laugh at their pathetic puppy eyes.   I make them  sit on the floor  right in front of me with their hands tied behind their back.   I shove my panties in their mouth so they can not bitch and moan.  I really do hate that shit.  Real men don’t wine.  Real men shut up and take what ever is handed to them!

I lay on my sofa  with my hands massaging my titties.  Taunting this poor little boy.  Licking my lips.  I can see his cock trying to rise to the occasion but my cage won’t let him.   Oh GOD the feeling of power that comes over me is amazing!  I let my fingers linger down to my pussy as I start fucking myself.  Bringing out my nice pink dildo shoving it deep into my cunt.  Really going to town on myself.  Making myself cum all over it.  After all they have to watch or I won’t get off!

I climax with the biggest smile on my face as  I see this little boy in front of me with tears in his eyes.  As I remove the panties I shove that dildo cream filled down their throats until they gag.  I release their tied hands and tell them to go.  Under no circumstance are they to remove the cage until I believe that they have become a real man!