Thinking about biting into a slice of warm apple pie, are you? The way the flaky crust melts in your mouth while the filling just covers your palette with an array of flavors. The way the filling drips from your fork as you bring it to your mouth can make anyone’s mouth water. Imagine fulfilling these thoughts and turning them into something so sexual that you cannot do anything besides explode. **Wink.** The velvet sensation of the pie’s filling reminds you of something soft and smooth in which you slide your cock into. Back and forth your rod slides into the filling with the vision that it is a warm mouth or a soft, velvety pussy.

According to a “friend” of mine, food can create for some amazing sexual experiences. The way it feels when it runs down your body or your rod, as it makes its way to your balls, is enough to make you cum all over yourself. Food foreplay and food sex is becoming a hot trend for many sexual fantasies. Fruits such as strawberries, cherries, or even more daring ones such a papaya can stimulate the night or better yet, your meat pole. Syrups such as maple and chocolate can make for one fun night of fucking.


The thought of licking whipped cream off of a man’s rod while he fucks my face makes me want to cream in my little thong. Taking a warm apple pie and penetrating the crust enough to get the filling on the head and then using my tongue in circular motions to clean it off. Taking the apple slices and placing them in my cheeks so when he thrusts his cock in my mouth so he can feel the warm, velvety apples against his rod as he slides in and out of me.

The idea of food makes my SO pussy wet. Warm apple pie, creamy mashed potatoes, whipped cream and icing, warm strudels, chocolate syrup, maple syrup… whatever your body desires. If this is something that you find fascinating then by all means, let’s play together. Let’s take that pie and rub it all over your cock and balls. Let me use my tongue and lick every last ounce of the pie and filling off of you. I will take that syrup and drench my wet pussy and let you pound away.

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