Wicked sex games became the highlight of my summers.  But, growing up in Salem, MA. witchcraft is always around you. When your dad owns the largest supplier of magical potions, you might say witchcraft is in your blood. Add to that, when you’re an 18-year-old virgin, it is quite literally in your blood.

My dad harvests my menstrual blood for $1,000 a pint. My regular blood brings me $1,500 a pint. Of course, all this depends on my remaining a virgin. So, I’ve developed a reputation for giving the best head in the northeast United States!  It’s not like I can DO anything MORE than that, again I became the BEST head giver EVER! Let the sex games BEGIN!

Being HONOR-BOUND to remain the sacred virgin was hard enough. But, I also had to contend with some of the best warlock dick on the planet. I was the golden scarab for these men and their game was INTENSE!  This was gonna be the most challenging summer ever!  How to stay somewhat pure, while also getting my fun in!

Sex games are varied and sometimes, the BEST part is the Tease & Denial of it all!  Not giving in to my libidinous desires has taught me a few lessons this summer.  One, the lead up is so sexy with the wonder of it all.  Then, there’s the courtship and finally, there is the seduction.   Since I’m a virgin, I’d had no idea how many ways there were to be seduced without going too far, as my Dad would say.  So, head is my game, for now.  I’ve got another few years to perfect my filthy, dirty cock sucking and blood-letting.

Do you think YOU can get to me BEFORE my time runs out?


What will YOU trade me for my blood?