young and sexy
young and sexy

Have you ever wanted someone so bad, that just the thought of them makes you all wet. The thought of their touch, their lips, their smell, but you couldn’t have them. The person is off limits to you, but around you all the time. Turning you on, making you want them, touching you ever so lightly and sly as to not let anyone else see.

I have a person like this, he is my dad’s best friend. I know he wants to do more than just be my so called uncle. He looks at me the way all my sex partners have. When I walk into the room he eyes me up and down, always makes a commit on how grown and beautiful I am, how some man would be a lucky son of bitch to have me. He always tells me to make the person earn me leaving them wanting you he says. Don’t just let him take me, he makes sure to give me a hug and press his chest into my chest to gently blow in my ear, kiss my neck, to leave his scent on me. I know he feels my heart racing when he does this. It’s all good though I have a plan on how to fuck him.

My dad is taking a trip, this week, and he has asked my uncle to come over and check in on me. My plan is to be in nothing but a towel and call him and say I think someone is in my house and I need him. I want him to cum all over me and in every part of my body. I want him to take my pretty tight young pussy and teach it how a real man can fuck it. I want you to show me how to suck your big cock is what I am going to say to him. I need you to cum in my very tight young ass, to make it yours.

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