All I Wanted Was Just To Get Impregnated By My Pastor!

All I wanted was just to get impregnated by my pastor and recently, I finally made my wish cum true. My pastor, Andrew is the only reason I even bother going to church and he knows it. He’s young, in his early 40’s and hot as hell. During most of the sermon, I just sit there and think about him fucking me right there on the altar, in front of God and everyone. I think it would be so hot if he got me pregnant, especially if it happened in the church right after service on Sunday. That fantasy kept rolling around in my head and I just couldn’t stop replaying it, over and over in my mind.

Sometimes, I touched my stomach and think of it getting rounder and I think about my breasts getting bigger and fuller. They’d be so heavy from milk that I might even let him suckle from them too, just to relieve the pressure. My young tight pussy gets wet, just thinking about it!

On one Sunday in particular, I wore a respectable outfit and I also wore a red lacy bra with matching crotch-less panties, just to add my usual touch of naughty.

After service, Pastor Andrew was thanking everyone for coming and I slipped into his office at the back of the church and waited for him. I took my clothes off, sat on his desk and waited for him. He found me there 20 minutes later and his eyes practically popped out of his head. He quickly shut the door and asked what I was doing. I leaned back and parted my legs, while my panties split open revealing to him, my smooth little pussy. I asked him what he thought I was doing and he swallowed hard and kind of stuttered.

Then I slid my hand down and stroked the slit in my panties, as I told him that I’d been wanting him for ages now and that I was tired of waiting. I made it clear that he was going to fuck me right here and now! I told him that he was going to fill me with his hot cum and impregnate me. He seemed shocked, but that didn’t stop him from getting hard and I saw the bulge in his pants. There was no denying his attraction to me and I knew I was finally going to get my wish.

I sat up and reached forward, I hooked my fingertips into his waistband and pulled him towards me.

I quickly undid his belt and zipper, I pushed them down and put my hand in his boxers. Then I stroked his hard dick and took it out while kissing him. I wrapped a leg around his waist and he pushed his hips forward, groaning and fucking himself in my hand. I started to lay back on his desk and he held my knees, while he pushed into me. He immediately went in deep and I put my legs around him, I held him close to me and drove that cock in even further. He started thrusting back and forth and I could feel my back rub on his wooden desk.

I thought of what we were doing, I thought of how naughty we were being and my pussy gushed. I rocked with him and told him how hot he was, I told him how fucking good he was and how bad we were. So I demanded him to just keep going until he blew that load deep inside. When he came, I pushed my hips up so that it would all go in me and when he pulled out I stayed on my back, so none leaked out, I mean I didn’t want to lose a single drop.

I scooted back on the desk and put my feet flat on top of it.

There was a thick book on the corner and I grabbed it, I lifted my ass and shoved it under me, so it could keep my hips raised. I wasn’t about to let any of those seeds leak out of my pussy. I thought of his cum filling me and hoped that I’d get lucky with it and that his seeds would turn into a baby inside of me. Thought of getting Impregnated and stroked my stomach, imagining it swell while my other hand squeezed my breast. Andrew watched me and probably thought I was fondling myself; he had no idea I was just using him to get what I wanted. Just when I was about to hop off his desk, his door flew open and Pastor Andrew just about shit his pants.

Well I am sure you can figure out what happened next. What you don’t know are the juicy details and that’s when I cum in! Call me and we can live out ANY fantasy you want! Impregnated, adultery, accomplice and MUCH more!

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