They say love is better the second time around. I don’t know about that. I’m on my third husband and it’s not the bliss that I was hoping for. Being the step mother takes away from all the attention that I should be getting for myself. Living with a household of people and having to take care of the home can be tiresome. I work part time and cook and clean full time. I think the least my step children could do is make their own beds. I feel like I have to do everything.

My husband had an out of town meeting one weekend and my step daughter decided to hang with her best friend  and my step son said he was going to stay at his cousins house. Oh hallelujah. The thought of having the house to myself for the weekend sent me soaring.  Finally I can  be the woman of leisure that I always dreamed I’d be. I had planned a long hot bubble bath.

When I came home from my part time job I was all ready to have my time alone with myself. I took off my blouse and  kicked  off my shoes ready to enjoy my privacy. I expected the house to be quiet. What is that music playing? I went to my stepson’s room thinking he had left his music playing on purpose just to bug me. When I opened the door there he was modeling in front of the mirror wearing my panties.

OMG. He was embarrassed and I was shocked. “What are you doing in my underwear?” He cried, “Don’t be mad at me stepmommy but I love the way they look on me.” I said, “But I paid a lot of money for those and now they’re ruined.” Then I noticed that he had a huge hard on. Now that made me wet between the legs. His 18 year old cock was bulging fatter than his daddy’s ever did. I said, “So wearing my panties turns you on?” “Yes, step mommy. I can’t help it. It makes me feel good and it makes me think of you and what it would be like to be with you. I fantasize about you all the time. You are so sexy and I can’t help dreaming about you.” I was flattered and turned on. I felt the  panties I’m wearing getting wet. I said, “So which of my panties do you like the most?” He said, “The dirtiest ones in the laundry hamper.” So I took off the ones I was wearing and threw them at his face and said, “Well baby you ought to  love these.”  He smelled the wetness in the crouch and his cock popped out like a runaway train. I couldn’t resist. I had to suck it. That cock felt so good in my mouth. I swallowed his cum as he licked and smelled my dirty panties. It was an amazing night. I told him that anytime he wanted to he could WEAR STEPMOMMY’S PANTIES.

Written by: Momma Genie

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