I Want To Take You Home and Play

One night I was at a sleazy bar. Just drinking and trying to find my next fuck for the night. I prefer small sleazy bars because the guys who go to them seem more willing to do the sexual thing’s I desire. They are normally down for anything, as long as they get a piece of my sweet ass. I love when men are cooperative like that. So I was sitting in the corner of the bar, sipping on my Dirty Martini, legs crossed, and looking across the room for my next sexual adventure. Then a tall older man walked up to me and placed another drink on the table. He was dressed in a very nice business suit, clean shave, and had a very suave sexiness about him. I want to play with him!

He smiled at me and kissed my hand. He then sat next to me and we talk for a good thirty minutes. Then he told me he has a wife and they liked to play. That if I agreed to go home with him I was in for a real treat. At the time he would not tell me what. But I had a very sexual curiosity. So we got into his car. On the way to his house he started to caress my inner thigh. He smiled as he went even deeper into the crevice of my thighs and felt how wet my pussy was. He smiled, pulled his hand away, and licked his fingers clean.

We arrived to his house and all the lights were off. I told him that I thought his wife was home. He nodded and told me she was. So we got out of the car and walked to the door. He led me in and poured me a drink. Then we went upstairs. He opened the bedroom door and there she was. His wife all tied up, sitting on her knees in the corner of the room. He went over to her and told her that he found the toy he is going to fuck tonight. That she will watch and love every second of it. She nodded, and he kissed her on the head and said, “Good girl.”

I was so turned on by this sight I could feel my panties getting wet. He then came over to me and gestured for me to sit on the bed. He made me face her and she watched as he kissed my neck and undressed me. Even though she was tied up, you could still see how turned on she was by this sight. He then slowly started to caress my breasts, making sure my nipples were very hard. Then he whispered in my ear, “Keep eye contact with her, understand?” I nodded.

He then took out his large cock and stuck it into my mouth sideways, so that he would not block her from seeing. He then told me to stand up and take that sweet pussy of mine over to his wife so that she could have a taste. I did as I was told. I slowly slid my pussy down to her mouth and she started to suck on it. She had done this before. I could tell, she knew exactly what she was doing. Her husband must bring home a lot of women to play. He made her suck my clit till I came. I came so hard that when I stood up her face was dripping. He told me to lick her face clean and I gladly did.

He picked up his wife and threw her aggressively on the bed. Then he escorted me to the bed, laid me back, and began to put his big throbbing cock inside of me. His wife was just forced to lay there and watch. Somehow in the middle of him fucking me she was able to break free from her ropes. With in a blink of an eye she has her husband pulled off of me and tied up.

“Now.” She said to her husband. “Time to watch me play.”

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