I WANT A SYBIAN! (AND the guy I met last night!)

I’ve known I wanted to ride a sybian for a long time now – those porno girls get off SO fucking hard on it! But I’d never had a chance to try one out for myself… until now! Last night I went to a party with my best friend (yes, whose husband I am fucking, home-wrecking whore that I am!). I didn’t know ANYONE there except for her, and it wasn’t long before I got tired of idle party conversation slipped quietly away; wandering through our host’s house, which was huge!

I made my way upstairs and to my surprise heard a lot of noise coming from a room at the end of the hall – how come these people weren’t downstairs at the party, with everyone else? I crept closer, and I could hear – was that a woman… moaning? Along with a LOUD humming noise! I could hear both men AND women cheering! The door was cracked; I couldn’t keep myself from looking inside! My mouth dropped open as a GORGEOUS brunette woman came into view.

She was naked, and writhing in front of all of these strangers- on a sybian!

I was so engrossed in watching her that I forgot the door was cracked. I leaned in on it and fell forward- stumbling into the room of strangers head first! For a second there was utter silence, except for the heavy breathing and moaning of the hot dark-haired beauty. Then suddenly, everyone burst out laughing, and I was pushed and pulled to the front of the room.

As I stood there watching, I felt a strong muscular body push up against my back. I leaned against it – against HIM, immediately. I’d been SO fucking horny, all day! A low voice whispered in my ear just beneath all the noise, “Want to be next?” I tried to turn around and face him, but he wouldn’t let me. He was striking that submissive chord that’s buried deep inside me, and suddenly my knees were weak. I felt my tight shirt being pulled up over my head, just as the girl in front of us started gushing all over the place!

I moved as if to stop him, but his hands were firm. Off came the shirt, and in an instant, my bra had been unhooked and tossed away as well. He reached up under my tiny skirt and slowly slid my silky black panties over my hips and down my legs. I stepped out of them, left in nothing but my tiny black skirt and hooker boots.

I noticed the brunette had disappeared as he walked me over to the sybian, still not letting me turn around.

His grip on my wrists was so tight! It was making my already-wet pussy drip. He whispered into my ear, “First time?” I nodded weakly, aware of all the eyes on me. My nipples were SO hard with excitement it was almost painful. And I knew as he lifted my skirt he could see the wetness trailing down my leg.

He laughed softly in my ear as he guided me into straddling the sybian. He lowered me down until I felt something hard and slick graze against my wet pussy. I gasped, and he shoved me down suddenly until I could feel something like a dildo filling me up. All the way!  I wiggled, got comfortable, and as he let me go and walked around to the front of the sybian I got my first look at him. I didn’t know him, but he was… beautiful. Hard, chiseled cheekbones, green eyes, dark hair.

Well muscled but not bulky – ALL the things I love physically in a man!

He picked up a small black box and smiled at me. Suddenly, I felt a jolt of electricity- deep inside my pussy! I bucked a little and he laughed, fiddling with something on the box. OMG! I was vibrating from the inside out, and instinctively, I knew this was just the beginner’s level! I unconsciously started squirming to get away, but he wasn’t about to let that happen! He moved quickly behind me, taking the controls with him, and suddenly I felt his strong arm circling my waist- pushing me down harder onto the saddle!

All my grinding and squirming did no good. There was no escape! I could feel his weight against me, holding me there. My moans had an almost scared sound to them, and I could hear some of the crowd snickering.

His arms closed tighter around me, holding me more firmly as he turned the knob again and whispered “They’re not even here. It’s you, and me.” I threw my head back against him and struggled, but his grip was strong. His other arm moved around me to the front, and I could feel his fingers teasing against my nipples. I thought I would cum right then! The onlookers were cheering me on, “cum! cum! cum!”  Just as I felt my orgasm starting- he turned it ALL the way back down!

I was about to protest, and suddenly he slammed the control all the way up and held onto me HARD.

God, it felt SO fucking good! But so intense that I couldn’t cum! I struggled; I begged: I pleaded. All for nothing. I felt as if I was on the edge of hysteria. I couldn’t take it anymore – I HAD TO CUM!

That low, deep voice whispered into my ear again, and I could feel his hard cock pressing against me from behind.

“We’ve only just started, sweetheart. We’re going to do this all night long. It’s MY party, so that means I’m in charge. I’m going to tease you. Over and over. I will eventually let you cum. And once I do? You’re going to cum. And cum. And then cum again. You’re going to cum until you are begging me to stop; screaming that you can’t cum anymore. And then? When I’m satisfied you can’t take any more? You’re going to cum one more time.” 

Did he tease me for hours? 
Did I cum? Again. And again. And again?
Will there be a next time? 

CALL ME and find out! 

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