I know you’ve been longing for that connection. I would love to give you that special GFE (girlfriend experience)!

You need a GFE in your life. I want to give that to you. I know how great I would look on your arm at your next event, on our next date! I’d love to dress up for you all the time. I’ll be your beautiful lover, your confidant, your sexy submissive, everything you could ever ask for. I want to hold your hand, go on picnics, eat fancy dinners, get a little tipsy and frisky under the table;) I am everything you could imagine and more. Knowing how much you want to be with me! I need you too!

Let’s have a date night. I’ll dress up just for you. I’ll wear my stockings and my heels, my prettiest dress. The earrings you bought me, the necklace from our anniversary. I’ll wear my prettiest lace underneath. I will do all of that just for you, for my S.O. I want you to know how special you are and how special you make me feel.

You pick me up in your sexy car, kiss me at the door and I do a quick little spin so you can check me out;) I know how much you love my body and looking at me! The dress beautifully hugs every curve I have! The heels are perfect and so are you! You’re wearing my favorite outfit and I can’t wait to get to the restaurant to show you off;) and to be done so we can get home in a hurry!

I have all kinds of delicious things I want to do to you and for you;) I can’t wait to get you home and strip you down and show you how much you mean to me!

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