Lacey’s special form of CBT, you gotta try this

I’ve always loved a good CBT call, they are so fun, since so many men deserve to have their manly parts tortured. Especially bad sissy faggots who cannot seem to keep their but plugs in during a call. One such sissy called up the other night and he asked how far I was willing to go to punish a bad sissy. I told him not to test me, CBT was one of my favorite ways to cure bad behavior. He said he wanted to test me, and pulled his plug out right in front of me on his webcam! I smiled and told him he had five seconds to put it back into his sissy pussy. He really did not want to tempt me, I had a two step process to his torturing.. and he was just too curious as to what. His timer beeped so I gave him a small list of items to gather.. and if he was really serious he would do exactly as I said, otherwise I would no longer keep him under my boot.

My orders were to grab the frozen water filled drinking straw he was always to keep in his freezer, and a clove of ginger. Carve a butt plug out of the clove. Within moments he’d already carved one and inserted it. He was big on insertions and when our journey together began I mentioned that would come in handy one day. During this CBT session, the straw we used as a frozen spike of ice and I said I wanted him to slide that down his piss slit till I saw the wince of pain.. then to stop. Of course the ginger was already in place in his back cunt, so he had the burning heat up his ass from the ginger and the cold spike of ice down his dick. I ordered him to start playing with his clitty and as the spike of ice slowly melted as he pumped his teeny dick. Was an intense combination he said! We had to be careful with the ice, as much as I love to see real proof of CBT’s destruction.. I did not want blood out his cock tip, at least not this night.

Once the ice melted, I told him to grab and dribble some Tabasco sauce onto his balls and feel that burn along with the ginger up his ass. This was all a bit much for him.. but I just laughed and told him to thank me for all this effort I gave to him. He was howling away about how much he loved my pain, and seemed to be masturbating excitedly through the pain regardless. He had the nerve to ask if he could show me his cum squirting out of his small dick.. I made him stop and told him to give me one good reason I should give him pleasure through all that pain. He just smiled and told me “because you love CBT and may be cruel.. but that is what makes you so beautiful”. Who could argue with that! If you want to know If I allowed him to cum, or if YOU deserve to cum during my CBT sessions,  just call me!

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